Wednesday Season 2 May Include These 3 Missing Addams Family Members

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Wednesday's cast members teased the arrival of a new Addams family member in Season 2

In June 2023 during Netflix's TUDUM event, via Entertainment Weekly, Wednesday lead star Jenna Ortega and other cast members talked about potential additions to Season 2's cast, most notably missing Addams family members. 

Ortega said that she would love to see "Cousin Itt" appear while Emma Myers, Joy Sunday, and Hunter Doohan picked Grandmama for a potential involvement in Season 2.

3 New Addams Family Member Who Could Appear in Season 2

1.) Cousin Itt

Cousin Itt
Addams Family

Cousin Itt was a character made for the 1964 Addams Family TV series. Itt is Gomez Addams' cousin and a frequent guest in the Addams home. 

The character's physical appearance is composed mainly of floor-length blonde hair whose attire is usually a bowler hat and round sunglasses. Itt also converses with the family in a high-pitched gibberish that can only be understood by them. 

If Itt ends up appearing in Season 2, a potential side story with Thing could be in the cards. It's also possible that Gomez could send Itt to Nevermore Academy to provide support for Wednesday after the traumatic events of Season 1. 

Interestingly, Wednesday Season 1 featured a reference to Cousin Itt by showcasing a painting of the character in the basement of the secret society of the Nightshades. 

Who knows? Itt may have been one of its founders, and it could be the main reason why he makes a Season 2 appearance. 

Verdict: Likely

2.) Grandmama (Eudora Addams) 

Addams Family
Addams Family

Grandmama is another Addams family member who could appear in Wednesday Season 2. The character is Pugsley and Wednesday's grandmother who is an aged witch who makes potions and spells. 

Given that Grandmama has been a usual resident of the Addams mansion in the different movies and TV shows of the franchise, it's possible that the character was present off-screen in Season 1. 

Season 1's ending showed that Wednesday is going back home to the mansion, and this could be a good opportunity to show Grandmama and her dynamic with Jenna Ortega's character.

In fact, in November 2022, Wednesday showrunner told TV Line teased what to expect in Season 2, noting that Wednesday and Morticia Addams' relationship is "essential to the show:"

“We felt like we just touched the surface with those characters and the actors are so amazing in those roles. Catherine is, I think, an iconic Morticia. The relationship between Wednesday and Morticia is also essential to the show, and the idea that Wednesday is trying to forge her own path outside the family is important.” 

In order to further deepen the exploration of that mother-daughter dynamic, it's possible that Season 2 could include flashback sequences showcasing the past relationship between Morticia and Grandmama, similar to how Season 1 showed younger versions of Gomes and his wife. 

Verdict: Most likely

3.) Pubert Addams

Pubert Addams
Addams Family

1992's Addams Family movie introduced Pubert Addams, Wednesday and Pugsley's youngest brother. In the film, the pair had a side adventure where they tried to get rid of Pubert due to jealousy. 

In Wednesday Season 1, there were no hints if Wednesday and Pugsley had a baby brother, meaning that Season 2 could reveal that Morticia is pregnant or the first episode could even show her giving birth to Pubert. 

Showing a version of Pubert could be beneficial for the series as the character's appearance allows the Addams family to be fleshed out even further since introducing a new family member would show different sides of them, especially Jenna Ortega's titular character. 

Verdict: Likely

Wednesday is streaming on Netflix.

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