Warrior Season 4: Will More Episodes Ever Release?

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There is still anticipation for Warrior Season 4 even though the show was canceled by Max after three seasons. 

Warrior is a martial arts crime drama that chronicles the life of Ah Sahm who travels to San Francisco during the Tong Wars to search for his sister, but he ends up entangled with the ongoing war instead.

Will Warrior Season 4 Ever Release?

Warrior Season 4

In December 2023, Max, via Deadline, announced that Warrior had been canceled after three seasons, slashing hopes for a potential Season 4.

Despite being canceled, the report also mentioned that Netflix picked up all three seasons of the series as its non-exclusive home and it was released in February 2024.

The reason behind the cancellation is unknown, but series creator Jonathan Tropper was ecstatic about the fact that Netflix serves as an additional home for Warrior, noting in an exclusive statement to Deadline that "millions more viewers around the world will discover it:" 

“'Warrior' is a show that simply refuses to die. Through platform and regime changes, the writers, producers, cast, crew, and our stunt team continued to make something powerful, relevant, and wildly unique. And now, thanks to Netflix, we’ve been given yet another lease on life, and I’m thrilled for everyone involved that millions more viewers around the world will discover it.” 

It remains to be seen why Warrior is canceled, but the show is no stranger to this predicament. 

Warrior first premiered on Cinemax on April 5, 2019, earning high praise from fans and critics. As a result, it was renewed for Season 2 which was released on October 2, 2020. 

After Cinemax ceased its operations, HBO Max renewed the series for Season 3, reviving the fan-favorite series in April 2021. The third season was released on June 29, 2023. 

Is Warrior Canceled After Season 3?

Although Warrior's cancellation was unfortunate, the fact that Netflix received the show's non-exclusive rights could serve as an opportunity for future revival. 

Shannon Lee, Warrior executive producer and Bruce Lee's daughter, expressed excitement about Netflix's acquisition, via the same report from Deadline, saying that it's her wish that "the huge global Netflix audience" [ends up loving] the series so that "more goodness flows:"

“If anything can be said about 'Warrior,' with Bruce Lee in our corner, our indomitable spirit is REAL! And so, my wish is that the huge global Netflix audience LOVES Warrior and from that Love more goodness flows – in the form of greater recognition for our talented cast and crew who deserve all the things, in the form of passionate fandom for this relevant kick ass show and, if I dare to dream, in the form of an opportunity to continue our story for our amazing fans who, thanks to Netflix, will have grown in number and enthusiasm!”

Lee's statement is certainly not a pipe dream since Netflix already has a history of reviving shows, most notably series like Manifest and Black Mirror.

If Warrior ends up having a high viewership, it's possible that the streamer could revive the series as well, bringing life to a potential season 4. 

In August 2023, Warrior lead star Andrew Koji, who plays Ah Sahm in the series, spoke with Inverse to address the possibility of seeing a fourth season. 

The actor is unsure about Season 4, noting that the majority of the show's cast "has to become free" to return for a follow-up: 

“If we did 'Warrior' Season 4, that would be next year because everyone has to become free. It might not be until the middle of next year if we did, and I'm going to be getting old.”

Koji isn't wrong since Deadline's report stated that the show's cast had already been released from their contracts. Koji himself landed major gigs in AMC+'s Gangs of London and an action thriller titled Sixteen

What Stories Should Warrior Season 4 Explore?

Warrior Season 3's cliffhanger ending offers many exciting storytelling opportunities if Netflix decides to give the show another chance for a possible Season 4. 

At the end of Season 3, Ah Sahm chooses his sister, Mai Ling, over any of his tong alliances in San Francisco. 

The finale sets up the much-awaited brother-sister duo that fans have been longing for, with their partnership being the key focus of Season 4. 

Other storylines that Season 4 could explore are Li Yong's rise to power as the leader of Long Zii Tong, answering the question of whether or not Chao is alive or dead, and the looming threat of Mayor Buckley.

All three seasons of Warrior are available to stream on Max and Netflix.

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