WandaVision Writer Reveals How the Pandemic Changed a Major Scene

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At this point, it's easy to assume that anyone that's reading this article has already finished WandaVision—if not, it may be a safe call to turn back. For those staying, as the show ended, its finale ended on a conflicting note

While yes, many fans were disappointed in the lack of Doctor Strange, there is another big complaint. The entire show happens because Wanda's trauma and grief create a massive delusional illusion. Except it's not just a delusion—there are real people caught up in this. An entire town, enslaved. 

That's a big deal. So when it all eventually comes crashing down, Wanda just...walks out. This was questionable to many since what Wanda did was pretty bad. There probably should have been a stronger attempt at holding her accountable. 

Instead, Wanda leaves and retreats to a private cabin in the middle of nowhere. Apparently, though, the scene in question was actually the victim of Covid and the challenges it brought along with it.

Wanda being confronted by the townsfolk was a scene that apparently was meant to go down very differently.


In an interview with Rolling Stone, WandaVision head writer Jac Schaeffer, and Wanda herself, Elizabeth Olsen, were on hand to discuss the show as it aims to get an Emmy win for the studio.

One of the topics discussed was how COVID-19 changed production, and how that affects the show's production. In fact, originally, the scene where Wanda is confronted by the townspeople "was kind of like a zombie battle."

"In the episode, they kind of come at Wanda with their words, but initially there was a sequence where that was more of a fight. We moved away from that for Covid reasons, so I then had to write all that dialogue for them. And they’re all tremendous actors, so I think that was a win. Matt had these really amazing boards made where it was kind of like a zombie battle, and we were all enamored of that idea cinematically, but I think it ended up being more psychologically revelatory to hear them give voice to what their experience had been."

Olsen believes the way the scene turned out worked really well, claiming that the "sequence was so fun to film."

"It’s the first time that she recognizes the pain in that world, and I think she feels terrible for what she’s doing to these people. But that sequence was so fun to film."

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A common complaint aimed at the finale of WandaVision is that many people believe that Wanda got off really easily, especially given she had just enslaved a whole town for a good chunk of time. 

According to Olsen, the scene was meant to convey that she wasn't just leaving but escaping. As Olsen puts it, "she knows that she is going to be held accountable."

"What we filmed was that she had to get away before the people who would hold her accountable got there. And where she went is a place that no one could find her. I know that for sure. Because she knows that she is going to be held accountable, I think, and I think she has a tremendous amount of guilt, and a new amount of loss."


It was certainly questionable at best that Wanda got off so easily. At the same time, though, her story is clearly one that is set to continue on into other projects. That accountability that fans want to see her face is definitely something that will come into focus sometime in the future. 

In fact, it could even happen in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Whatever she ends up having to do with Doctor Strange, it's likely that he will know exactly what Wanda did—providing a possible first step to accountability by having to have her deal with working alongside Strange after having done such a terrible thing.

Then again, who knows what state of mind Wanda is in? She could end up being more of an Antagonistic force to Strange—at least for a little. Clearly, she is looking to learn as much as she can about her newly discovered, and deeply powerful, abilities. 

This is something likely to make Strange hesitant, even if Wanda doesn't want anyone in her way as she searches for her answers. Especially if her kids are involved. Then it might be game over Doctor Strange. Only time will tell.

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