WandaVision: Kick-Ass Nod Teases More Than Just Aaron Taylor-Johnson's Quicksilver

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Episode 6 of WandaVision, entitled "All-New Halloween Spooktacular" came as a wild ride, continuing in the trend for the MCU series. Both inside Wanda's Hex and outside it things are not okay. The show continues to find a way to blow fans' minds with every new plot twist, and this week was no different as viewers saw Vision examin what's really happening in this reality and Wanda took advantage of some quality family time.

Progressing with the theme of using different eras of TV sitcoms, Episode 6 dove full into the late 1990s and early 21st century by paying tribute to sitcoms like Malcom in the Middle. Along with references to Dance Dance Revolution and movie classics like The Parent Trap and The Incredibles, this week's entry took things to new levels of insanity as Wanda put more of her powers on full display.

Mixed in with all the Halloween madness was a small, but very intriguing detail, while Wanda and the family were out wandering the neighborhood.


In Episode 6 of WandaVision, while Wanda Maximoff is out trick-or-treating with her brother Pietro and her twin sons, Pietro asks Billy and Tommy "How about you let Uncle P help you maximize your candy acquisition, huh?" Tommy Maximoff responds to this with an enthusiastic "Yeah. Kick-ass!" before speeding down the block with Billy and Pietro. 

WandaVision Kick Ass

After the three boys are gone, Wanda looks down the street with a puzzled look on her face and repeats the phrase "kick-ass" as a question to herself.

WandaVision Halloween Costume



While this remark on the surface could just be a mom surprised by mild cussing from her child, there might be some serious depth to this comment for both fans and the characters alike.

This may be another inkling for Wanda that this Pietro Maximoff is from a different reality than hers, meaning that he really isn't the same twin brother that Ultron killed in Avengers: Age of Ultron. It makes some sense considering this conversation directly follows Wanda asking why he looks different, to which he simply responds that he "wouldn't wanna be reminded of the past, either" if he had found Shangri-La, a potential form of heaven.

On a broader scale, this "kick-ass" comment could suggest that Wanda's powers could be evolving so drastically that she is becoming aware of other realities, including the one in which our real world exists. In 2010, a cult-classic superhero movie entitled Kick-Ass released in theaters, and it starred both Aaron-Taylor Johnson and Evan Peters; both of these actors have played Quicksilver in live-action Marvel movies for Marvel Studios and 20th Century Fox Studios.

Kick-Ass Evan Peters Aaron Taylor Johnson

If Wanda is truly aware of Kick-Ass' existence, there's a chance she could realize that Peters and Taylor-Johnson's versions of Pietro are different since they co-starred in the film together. It's a ridiculously meta-theory that would mark a true fourth-wall break in the MCU. However, considering the evolution of Wanda's abilities, there's surely a possibility that she's looking this deeply into real-world history.

No matter what the reason for this inclusion in Episode 6 of WandaVision, Marvel Studios is continuing to prove themselves as the master of Easter Eggs and teases. This will continue in Episode 7 when it premieres on Friday, February 19.

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