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Warning - This article contains spoilers for WandaVision.

"Episode 6 - All-New Halloween Spooktacular!" of WandaVision was not only inspired by '90s sitcoms but also by Halloween. The Maximoff-Vision residence finds themselves right in the midst of the spooky holiday, with Westview's titular couple not-so-coyly dressing up similarly to their classic comic-accurate counterparts.

Billy and Tommy Maximoff also get their own costumes, with Billy's hinting that his Young Avenger persona, Wiccan, is soon to come within the MCU. Tommy and Pietro Maximoff, the former who has been recast by Evan Peters, both don Quicksilver-inspired suits to speed around town in.

Before Wanda heads out on the streets with her children, Pietro comments on his sister's costume, saying it looks "Worse than the costumes mom made us the year we got typhus." The scene then briefly cuts to a flashback of the twins as children in those costumes...


In "Episode 6 - All-New Halloween Spooktacular!" of WandaVision, a Malcom in the Middle-esque cutaway is used to show Wanda and Pietro Maximoff as children seemingly dressed up as Black Widow and Nick Fury, respectively, one year for Halloween.

Black Widow and Nicky Fury

Wanda sports bright red hair and a braid for Black Widow's Avengers: Endgame look, while Pietro suits up in a black eyepatch and coat to mimic Fury's signature swagger.

Black Widow and Nicky Fury



Though nothing more than a brief, yet arguably adorable, callback to some of the most well-known agent personas in the MCU, these costumes are actually quite ironic, at least, being worn by the Maximoff twins.

When Wanda and Pietro were first introduced in 2015's Avengers: Age of Ultron, they despised Tony Stark and, consequently, the Avengers. During the majority of that movie, the twins were attempting to take down the infamous team under Ultron's influence. Eventually, of course, Wanda and Pietro saw the error of their ways, and they became Avengers in their own right.

Afterward, in the aftermath of Pietro's passing, Wanda was taken under the Avengers wing, then being trained by the group of people she had developed a hatred for at a very young age. 

So, looking back at these costumes, it's an almost full-circle moment for the twins, even in a non-canon sense. Obviously, this flashback isn't what actually happened; in fact, Wanda says so herself to Peters' Pietro: "That's not exactly how I remember it." This is another instance of reality-warping in Wanda's sitcom-based hex of Westview.

Nonetheless, it's a cute moment within the episode and for the characters and an even cuter throwback for MCU fans. Luckily, both Black Widow and Nick Fury will be back on big and small screens soon enough.

"Episode 6" of WandaVision is streaming now on Disney+.

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