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As WandaVision 's first and presumably only season continues to leave fans scratching their heads and clamoring for more, it's hard to think back to when the unique style of the show was unclear. During the famous 2019 San Diego Comic-Con when Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige announced most of their plans of Phase 4, WandaVision was one of the more strange and intriguing projects.

Then after what has felt like a never-ending cycle of delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic, WandaVision was pushed to be the very first MCU project since 2019's Spider-Man : Far From Home . Even five weeks into the show it still remains full of mystery and is easily the most unique Marvel Studios project to date. The title of the series itself seemingly holds multiple meanings, and the creator of WandaVision has shared more on how the name came to be.


In a recent interview with Collider , WandaVision creator Jac Schaeffer revealed that Kevin Feige came up with the initial idea for the series to be called " WandaVision. "

"I mean, so Kevin [Feige], when we were thinking about titles... I mean, there are things where I am like, 'Oh, that was my idea. That was my idea.' But Kevin came in and was like 'I'm thinking of naming it WandaVision , but I don't know.' And I was like, 'I will quit before we don't use that title.' That's what it is. That's the show. I love it. And I know when the title came out and people were kind of ripping it, I was like 'Yeah, you wait.'"

Schaeffer further explains how the mix of a typical MCU project and multi-era sitcom episodes became a reality.

"Oh, it's a tough question to answer without talking about other things. I will say this, I was never interested in doing exclusively one or exclusively other. I wasn't interested in just doing a sitcom and I wasn't interested in just doing a straight-ahead MCU concept. It was the synthesis of the two that I showed up for."


As Schaeffer says, "the synthesis of the two" different styles of the show is what makes Marvel's first Disney+ adventure so special. The way they have been able to pay homage to a bevy of different sitcoms from the 1950s, '60s, '70, and '80s, while also telling an MCU story has been impressive, to say the least.

The originality of the series, as well as the title itself, make the show truly one of a kind. The title can be broken down into a few ways. Firstly, the sitcom "WandaVision" is the show Doctor Darcy Lewis discovers in the cosmic microwave background radiation. So WandaVision is literally a show that exists in the MCU.

The other way of explaining the title is that it is Wanda's Vision, her dead lover, and her idealistic vision of the world. Especially after the show's fifth episode, it is clear Wanda has created this vision and doesn't have any plans of stopping.

Either way, Feige hit another home run with the title of this launching point for the MCU's future, and maybe by the end of the series, the name will take on an entirely new meaning.

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