WandaVision: Unused Design for Kathryn Hahn's Agatha Harkness Revealed

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WandaVision Agatha Harkness Costume

Even though Marvel Studios' fourth Disney+ outing — What If...? — debuts on August 11, MCU fans are still fascinated with the show that started it all.

Throughout WandaVision's nine-episode run, audiences weren't just captivated by the series' compelling mystery, but also its production design that managed to pay tribute to various sitcoms from television history. 

While Marvel Studios' Assembled series on Disney+ pulled back the curtain on the making of the show, WandaVision's own creators have been open in sharing their work, ideas, and inspirations for the groundbreaking series as well. 


Marvel Studios concept artist David Masson posted on Instagram an alternative design for Agatha Harkness' costume for WandaVision

WandaVision Agatha Costume

Masson captioned his post which read: "Early exploration for one of Agatha’s looks." 

Agatha Harkness, played by Kathyrn Hahn, was Wanda's nosy next-door neighbor who turned out to be a witch and whose actions led Wanda to realize her own identity as the Scarlet Witch. 

WandaVision Agatha Costume

Masson's design for Agatha's dress reflects the character's own history and the time period from her flashback sequence where audiences first saw her capabilities. 

It's also worth noting that her lace collar and brooch — a homage to Agatha Harkness' look from the comics — were part of her costume from early on in development. 


Impressive, quality costumes are a signature of the MCU and are intended to reflect the character and their story.

However, WandaVision must've been a tall order. Not only did the main cast require different looks to reflect the different decades, but the final costumes of Elizabeth Olsen's Wanda and Kathryn Hahn's Agatha needed to be impressive but without any Halloween vibes.

This is why concept art is so fascinating. It allows fans to see where artists and designers began in their process and how it evolved into what appeared on screen. 

In the months following WandaVision's finale, other concept artists have shared unused ideas for the show including alternate versions of Agatha's creepy basement to a battle where Wanda and Vision battle White Vision

Even though WandaVision is over, it appears that Agatha Harkness, and her personal style, in the MCU are just getting started. Kevin Feige recently confirmed that Marvel fans will be seeing her "someday soon." 

All nine episodes of WandaVision are streaming now on Disney+.

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