WandaVision Photos Show Elizabeth Olsen's Gorgeous Camera Test as Scarlet Witch

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Elizabeth Olsen WandaVision Looks

Hawkeye may be the talk of the MCU world right now, but it was Wandavision that kicked off the Disney+ era for Marvel Studios. The streaming series showed the world that the megalithic franchise could make the jump from the big screen to the small screen and Kevin Feige and co. have not looked back. The ode to American sit-com history starred Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany as Olsen's Avenger dealt with the loss of her beloved Vision. 

Throughout WandaVision, audiences were introduced to MCU newcomers like Agatha Harkness and Monica Rambeau, but it was Olsen's Wanda Maximoff who - for lack of a better phrase - stole the show. Olsen's heroine went through an emotional transformation, going from grief to acceptance of what was lost in the matter of nine episodes. 

Now, along with this internal transformation, Ms. Maximoff also went through a bit of an external one as she finally became the Scarlet Witch and sported a new, epic costume akin to that of the character on the comic page. This latest look for Olsen's MCU hero turned heads when it debuted and continues to do the same every time the scarlet tunic and tiara come up.

And nearly a year after WandaVision kicked off its Disney+ run, fans finally have another look at the Scarlet Witch's new getup. 

Another Look at the Scarlet Witch Costume

Twitter user @wandasolen unveiled a pair of new looks at the Scarlet Witch costume camera test from WandaVision.

The first is a straight-on photo of Elizabeth Olsen in her hero's new digs.

Scarlet Witch WandaVision Costume Test Front

The second is more of a profile of the actress, showing her red hair pulled back by the spiked tiara. 

Scarlet Witch WandaVision Costume Test Side

Comparing these camera test photos with the costume that made it on-screen in the final product, it seems that all that really changed was Olsen's makeup. 

Scarlet Witch WandaVision Costume Look


Wanda Has Never Looked Better

It is not a stretch to say that Wanda getting a look somewhat riffing on her classic comic costume was a welcome addition. And every time a photo of this look is posted online, it is hard not to marvel at the wardrobe work at play here. 

The Scarlet Witch costume is one of the more popular amongst MCU fans, so it is likely that Oslen will be sporting it again in upcoming appearances as the character. Wanda Maximoff is just months away from appearing in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, and it makes a lot of sense that the Avenger would pack her tiara for a trip with the Doc. 

As for these specific camera test photos here, one can tell that Marvel knew what they had from the second Elizabeth Olsen got into costume. Even in these grainy snapshots, the costume shines, with very minor changes to the look being made to the look for on-screen action. 

Something that is surprising to see here is the lack of computer-generated elements on the suit. Not to say it needed anything to be digitally altered, but it just seems that Marvel Studios sneaks so much into their recent wardrobe work that might look practical but is not. So to have something that is seemingly 100% real is a breath of fresh air. 

Wanda can be seen in all her Scarlet Witch glory with every episode of WandaVision available to stream in its entirety now.

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