Virgin River Season 6: New Set Photos Spoil 1 Massive Mel & Jack Reveal

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Virgin River Mel and Jack together

A now-deleted photo on social media revealed a major spoiler for Alexandra Breckenridge's Mel and Martin Henderson's Jack in Virgin River Season 6. 

The hit Netflix romance resumed filming earlier this year, preparing for a supposed release date sometime in the next year or so (read more about the Virgin River Season 6 release here). 

This latest batch of episodes is set to be some of the series' most dramatic, tying together some long-running story threads, including the budding romance between the show's two leads. 

New Photo Spoils Virgin River Season 6

New set photos seemingly spoiled a major moment in Virgin River Season 6. 

The now-deleted social media post featured Alexandra Breckenridge's Mel and Martin Henderson in what seemed to be wedding garb, indicating the pair will finally tie the knot in the upcoming seasons. 

The photos were posted (and then pulled down) by actress Erin Kathleen Boyes and seem to be the final block of filming for Season 6.

This would mean if the series is headed toward a Mel/Jack wedding night, it will happen in the final two episodes of the upcoming sixth season. 

The deleted images have been preserved by fans on Reddit, being reposted by several Virgin River fan accounts. 

One image shows Boyes alongside new actress Gigi Neil and series leads Alexandra Breckenridge and Martin Henderson. The group is backdropped by what looks to be a softly lit wooden barn (aka the perfect place to host a wedding).

In the photo, Henderson's Jack is wearing his formal marine garb, something that is traditional for former members of the military at their wedding ceremony. Breckenridge is not seen in a wedding dress, so fans eager to see her wedding day look must wait a bit longer. 

The second image shows Boyes under a tent on the Virgin River set, posing with Dan Brady's Benjamin Hollingsworth, outfitted in a stunning grey suit, powder blue shirt, and paisley purple tie. 

Boyes is a new Vancouver-based actress set to debut in Season 6 alongside Gigi Neil. Both actresses are assumed to play Jack's sisters and play minor parts in this next batch of episodes. 

Considering that his extended family has not appeared in the streaming drama thus far, a wedding seems like a fitting place to introduce them. 

What To Expect in Virgin River Season 6

While the Virgin River team has been tight-lipped about what will happen in Season 6, these new photos have seemingly revealed a major spoiler. 

After years of guessing "Will they, won't they?" with Jack and Mel, audiences will finally get the answers they desire. 

Surely, this wedding will not come out of nowhere but will instead be the central set piece of the new season. 

Whether it be the proposal, planning, and bringing family into the series' central sleepy town, this next chapter in the Virgin River story will have plenty of narrative fodder to chew on. 

One can only hope actress Erin Kathleen Boyes did not get in too much trouble with Netflix for accidentally letting slip that wedding bells will be ringing in Season 6 and that this will be the end of the leaks for fans eager to go into these new episodes as blind as possible. 

With no release date for Season 6, audiences will have to sit tight for more information about where the Mel/Jack romance is headed in the beloved Netflix series. 

Virgin River Seasons 1-5 are streaming now on Netflix. 

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