How Does Vhagar Die in House of the Dragon?

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Aemond and Vhagar from House of the Dragon

Fans can look to Fire & Blood, the novel that inspires House of the Dragon, to discover how the dragon, Vhagar, dies.

Fire & Blood is George R. R. Martin's 2018 novel that tells the story of House Targaryen before the events of the established Game of Thrones series.

This prequel story has been a smash hit on HBO through House of the Dragon, with Season 2 drawing closer to the Dance of the Dragons.

During the latest episode of Season 2, Aemond Targaryen's dragon Vhagar makes an epic return, wreaking havoc during the Battle of Rook's Rest.

However, fans of the book and TV series know that dragons will not be around forever, including the power-shifting Vhagar.

How Does Vhagar Die? Death Explained

Close-up of Vhagar in House of the Dragon.

Warning - This article contains major spoilers for House of the Dragon.

In the lead-up to her dramatic death, Vhagar, the largest living dragon, was flown by Prince Aemond in Fire & Blood.

This led to a deadly confrontation with Prince Lucerys "Luke" Velaryon, resulting in Lucerys's death and the decapitation of his dragon, Arrax. Luke's death was part of the end cap to Season 1 of House of the Dragon, setting the stage for the current events unfolding on HBO.

As seen in Season 2, Episode 4, Vhagar and Aemond continue to play pivotal roles in the civil war, including the ambush of Meleys and Princess Rhaenys Targaryen at the battle of Rook's Rest (leading to both their deaths).

Moving forward in the events of Fire & Blood, following King Aegon II's incapacitation, Aemond took Vhagar on a destructive campaign across the Riverlands, causing significant damage and instilling terror. 

Eventually, Daemon Targaryen on Caraxes and Nettles on Sheepstealer were sent to hunt them. The battle above the God's Eye lake near Harrenhal pits Vhagar and Aemond against Daemon and Caraxes. 

The confrontation results in Daemon leaping onto Vhagar and fatally stabbing Aemond in the eye, causing the dragon to plummet to her death.

Years after the Dance of the Dragons, Vhagar's body was recovered with Aemond's armored bones still chained to the saddle, marking the end of the dragon's 181-year life.

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When Will Vhagar Die in House of the Dragon?

Vhagar spitting fire in House of the Dragon.

Similar to how the battle of Rook's Rest was displayed in House of the Dragon, the Battle Above the Gods Eye will later be brought to life.

However, this will almost certainly not happen during Season 2 of the series, as much has yet to happen before that battle during the civil war.

Based on the projection of House of the Dragon lasting four total seasons, the Battle Above the Gods Eye could take place during the Season 3 penultimate episode (7) or finale (8).

Given Daemon and Aemond's importance, the timeline might be adjusted to have the event occur in Season 4 to keep them alive longer. However, if the show follows Fire & Blood closely, fans should expect it to take place at the end of Season 3.

House of the Dragon is streaming on Max, and new episodes are released every Sunday at 9 p.m. ET on HBO and Max.

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