How Does Ser Criston Cole Die in House of the Dragon?

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Based on the book by George R. R. Martin, here's how Ser Criston Cole will die in House of the Dragon.

Season 2 of House of the Dragon is underway on HBO and Max, pushing forward the tale based on the novel Fire & Blood.

One consensus among fans is their disdain for Ser Criston Cole, played by Fabien Frankel, who recently limited his comments on Instagram due to online harassment.

While the actor isn't to blame, viewers have grown to despise Criston Cole and Aegon II, who sit on the throne. Now, many are wondering how Cole will die and when it could happen during the series. 

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Criston Cole's Incoming Death in House of the Dragon

Criston Cole in House of the Dragon.
House of the Dragon

Warning - The rest of this article contains potential MAJOR spoilers for House of the Dragon.

Ser Criston Cole haters are in luck; his death is set to be incredibly satisfying.

In the novel Fire & Blood, Ser Criston Cole meets his end during the Dance of the Dragons. 

Appointed as Hand of the King by King Aegon II, Criston orchestrates several successful military actions against the Blacks, including the ambush and death of Princess Rhaenys Targaryen and her dragon, Meleys, at the Battle of Rook’s Rest. 

Following this victory, he persuades Prince Aemond Targaryen to march to Harrenhal, only to find it abandoned by Daemon Targaryen, who has joined Rhaenyra in seizing King's Landing. 

After losing the capital, Criston urges Aemond to march south again, but Aemond refuses, leaving Criston to lead the remaining forces alone. 

During this march, Criston's army is ambushed by a group of Blacks. Realizing his dire situation, Criston attempts to surrender but is killed by three arrows and beheaded. His severed head is then used as a grim warning to the Greens.

The story from Fire & Blood provides a detailed picture of Criston Cole's brutal death but also points to an unfortunate timeline for impatient fans.

When Will Criston Cole Die in House of the Dragon?

Due to the advanced point in the storyline where Criston Cole's death occurs in Fire & Blood, it is unlikely to happen anytime soon in House of the Dragon unless the show significantly alters the timeline. 

It is worth noting that the HBO showrunners may decide to change Cole's fate for the series, adding an element of unpredictability to his character's journey.

However, thus far, House of the Dragon has stayed (generally) true to the source material, making Criston Cole's death not likely in Season 2.

Based on the remaining story, fans can expect Criston Cole to to die in Season 3 or 4 at the earliest.

House of the Dragon episodes are streaming on Max, and new episodes are released every Sunday at 9 p.m. ET on HBO and Max.

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