Full Cast of Unexpected TLC Season 6: Meet the Real People In 2024 Episodes (Photos)

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Unexpected season 6 cast members

Unexpected Season 6 brings back two returning couples and three new ones to join the cast as they deal with the complexities of unplanned pregnancy and early parenthood. 

The 2024 edition of the TLC series offers an inside look at the lives of teenage couples as they navigate the ups and downs of having a baby at such an early age and exploring the consequences that come along with it. 

Unexpected Season 6 premiered on TLC on June 3. 

Every Main Couple in TLC's Unexpected Season 6


Jenna (19) & JJ (19)

Jenna & JJ in Unexpected Season 6, Episode 1
Jenna & JJ

Unexpected alum Jenna returns in Season 6 after a memorable stint in Season 4 which featured her breakup with Aiden, the father of her 3-year-old son, Luca. 

Jenna's new boyfriend is 19-year-old JJ and he drops a bombshell in Episode 1 about not using protection when having sex. 

While Jenna admits that she does not want another baby, the risk of not using protection could come back to bite them soon. 

Kayleigh (15) & Graham (15)

Kayleigh & Graham in Unexpected Season 6, Episode 1
Kayleigh & Graham

15-year-old Kayleigh is 27 weeks pregnant and her partner is her 15-year-old boyfriend, Graham. 

Kayleigh is a softball player, a cheerleader, and a famous gal at her school and church. However, she says that people judged her after being pregnant.

The pair's love story began after meeting at a church youth group three years ago. Kayleigh got pregnant even though they admitted that they used condoms when they had sex. 

Kayleigh and Graham only live 30 minutes apart, but the distance between them feels far since both of them are not capable of driving. 

Emalee (18) & Nate (16)

Emalee & Nate in Unexpected Season 6, Episode 1
Emalee & Nate

18-year-old Emalee did not anticipate that she would have a baby with her 16-year-old boyfriend, Nate. 

Emalee admits in Season 6, Episode 1 that she also acts as a "mother" to her Nate, trying to keep her boyfriend together amid her pregnancy. 

Emalee and Nate have only been dating for two months when they learn about Emalee's pregnancy. They met through social media and they study at the same school (Emalee is a junior while Nate is a sophomore). 

Nate's dream of becoming a motocross legend may be on the back burner for a while since his priority is to become a father to his son with Emalee. 

Aniyah (17) & Dakwon (17)

Aniyah & Dakwon in Unexpected Season 6, Episode 1
Aniyah & Dakwon

Season 6 newcomers and 17-year-olds Aniyah and Dakwon enter the world of parenthood in Unexpected even though they are not ready. 

Still, their love for each other prevails since they decided to stick together after learning about Aniyah being diagnosed with preeclampsia (a complication during pregnancy where the mother deals with organ damage). 

The pair proclaims their undying love for one another with a promise ring, telling each other that they are ready to be together forever despite the hurdles along the way.

Lilly (22) & Lawrence (21)

Lilly & Lawrence in Unexpected Season 6, Episode 1
Lilly & Lawrence

Lilly and Lawrence return to Unexpected as they give an update on what has been going on with their lives since their last appearance on the show in Season 5. 

Season 6 sees the pair juggling responsibilities as a parent to their two children (4-year-old Aliyah and 16-month-old LJ) while planning for their dream wedding even though they have budget concerns. 

Lilly insists that she wants to have the wedding in three months, but Lawrence is not a fan of the idea due to their financial constraints. 

Family Members:


Maya in Unexpected Season 6, Episode 1

Maya is one of Emalee's best friends and she admits that watching her friend get pregnant makes her want to have a baby even less. 

Maya says, "I think I'll wait until I'm an adult for that."


Mandy in Unexpected Season 6, Episode 1

Mandy is Kayleigh's mother who is still trying to adjust to the reality that her daughter is pregnant and she is going to be a grandmother soon. 

Mandy, 40, also expresses concerns over Kayleigh's relationship with her boyfriend, Graham, since she believes that they won't last long together.


Piper in Unexpected Season 6, Episode 1

One of Kayleigh's best friends who appears in Unexpected Season 6 is Piper. 

Piper has been friends with Kayleigh since third grade so she knows her very well due to their shared history. 


Jenna in Unexpected Season 6, Episode 1

Joining Piper as Kayleigh's support group during her pregnancy is 15-year-old Jenna. 

Jenna, alongside Piper, tells the show that she is not ready to be a mom, but she is scared that she will get a baby fever after seeing Kayleigh's pregnancy journey.


Dalanie in Unexpected Season 6, Episode 1

Dalanie is Jenna's best friend for over a decade who also dated Aiden (aka the father of Jenna's two-year-old child, Luca). 

Jenna reconnected with Dalanie after breaking up with Aiden and they share the responsibility of raising Luca. 


Matt in Unexpected Season 6, Episode 1

Matt is Jenna's father who got sad after learning about Jenna's move to Myrtle Beach since he likes her and her grandchild being close to his home. 


Ashley in Unexpected Season 6, Episode 1

Ashley, 38, is Aniyah's mother who is not a stranger to her daughter's situation since she was also pregnant when she was 17 years old. 

Ashley does not think that Aniyah is ready to balance taking care of herself and the baby, but Aniyah insists that she is well-prepared for the juggling of responsibilities. 

New episodes of Unexpected Season 6 premiere on TLC every Monday at 9 p.m. ET. 

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