Full Cast of Love and Translation on TLC: Meet the Real People In New Show (Photos)

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Love and Translation's cast comprises three American men and 12 women from countries like Japan, Brazil, and Korea. 

Set in a tropical paradise, TLC's new series explores a unique dating experiment where American men try to search for the love of their lives in a pool of women who don't speak or understand English. 

Love and Translation premiered on TLC on January 21.

Every Main Cast Member of TLC's Love and Translation

Kahlil, 24 (USA) 


Instagram: @kahlil_haughton

Kahlil is one of the singles from the United States who is seeking love in Love and Translation. 

Upon entering the island, Kahlil and the two other men have no idea that the women participants who joined the show don't understand English, which proves to be a challenging experience for everyone.

In an interview with Distractify, Kahlil revealed that he's been "single [his] entire life" but is now ready to search for love in the new reality series. 

The former college football champion also opened up about the challenges of trying to make someone fall in love without speaking the same language, noting, "There are no excuses for any kind of boundaries:"

“The fact that you can really connect with someone who doesn't speak the same language? You can only imagine what it'd be like if you can speak the same language. And I mean, is that better or worse? I don't know. But, like, you just know anything's possible. There are no excuses for any kind of boundaries, any type of like, anything you just can't get over. Like, there's no, there's no obstacles anymore.”

Tripp, 30 (USA) 


Instagram: @tripp_bromley

At 30 years old, Tripp is the oldest among the male contestants, but this won't stop him from believing he will find his perfect match in the show. 

Speaking with Distractify, the Los Angeles-based personal trainer said that he had just gone through a breakup before joining the series, admitting that he felt it was the "perfect opportunity" to seek love again: 

“For a while, I just wanted to be alone. I wanted to heal from my previous relationship; I had a lot of growth and development to do on my own. And it seems like the perfect time right when I had opened my heart back up, had this opportunity found its way to me.”

Dylan, 21 (USA) 


Instagram: @realdylanhodge

Dylan is an aspiring lover from Miami, Florida who admits that he's a "Mama's Boy."

The 21-year-old adventure seeker spoke with Distractify to talk about how he felt that it was time to find love and join the show, sharing, "[he] really would like to meet foreign women" since he is passionate about "experiencing culture."

Jhenyfer, 24 (Brazil) 


Instagram: @jhenyferhemilayne

One of the 12 women looking for the American man of their dreams is 24-year-old Jhenyfer from Brazil.

Jhenyfer is hopeful and excited that she will find the right guy who will not hesitate to fight for her when the odds are stacked against them. 

Tulay, 25 (Germany) 


Instagram: @tuelaytan_1

25-year-old Tulay only has one goal before joining the show, and it is to find love. 

Tulay has been single for the longest time because she can't find a suitable partner. 

She said that German men are mostly uptight, admitting she's not good with that aspect of their personality. Tulay thinks American men are "cool, funny, and they know how to treat women."

Sara, 20 (Italy) 


Instagram: @saramendicino8

Sara admits she's never been with an American guy, but she wants to change that in the show. 

Alongside Airi, Sara is one of the youngest, but she believes she has a shot at dating one of the three bachelors on the show. 

Sara believes American men are "stronger" and can express their emotions with "just their tone of voice." 

Imane, 21 (Morocco)


Instagram: @imaneelh_

Hailing from Morocco, Imane, 21, is a strong-willed gal who believes that Moroccan women represent strength and courage. 

While admitting that she's "a little bit crazy," Imane tells the confessional that she always wants to have a good laugh and a nice time around her peers. 

She joins Love and Translation to find an American as a potential husband since she believes they are open-minded and upright.

Airi, 20 (Japan)


Instagram: @airi_japan_

Airi is the only Japanese woman who is part of the show. The 20-year-old is the youngest of the bunch, and she admits that she's a "wild and a little mischievous girl."

She is an expert in mixed martial arts. Airi tells the viewers that she finds Americans attractive and they have a sense of "challenging spirit."

Leidi, 28 (Colombia)


Instagram: @beltranlady

28-year-old Leidi tells the confessional that she is looking for "a man who gives me wings, not cuts them," meaning that she wants to unleash her adventurous side more often than not. 

Leidi says that Colombian men want their wives to stay at home, and she wants to break that norm by potentially marrying an American: 

"I like to work, to do my thing, and to be independent."

She is a lawyer who loves to travel around the world.

Yam, 29 (Mexico)


Instagram: @yamlazcano

29-year-old Yam joins the show to find a mature man who wants to spend the rest of his life with her. 

Gisele, 29 (Brazil)


Instagram: @giselespilder

Gisele, 29, admits that the problem with Brazilian men is they are womanizers, which is why she wants to find the right American man instead. 

Having been single for two years and fresh out of divorce, Gisele thinks of one actor in mind when talking about American men: Brad Pitt. 

Joceline, 28 (France)


Instagram: @joceline.kmer

Joceline reveals that she is a happy-go-lucky kind of gal who is a thrill seeker. 

Assia, 21 (France) 


Instagram: @assia.lynne

Despite her young age, 21-year-old Assia is ready to take it up a notch and find love.

Jin, 32 (Korea)


Instagram: @llllljjlllll

At 32 years old, Jin is the oldest of the women contestants, but this won't stop her from taking her shot at one of the American guys. 

Jin is also a successful singer from South Korea. 

Jhuliana, 23 (Bolivia) 


Instagram: @jhulianachavez

23-year-old Jhuliana is from Bolivia and describes American men as "gentlemen," noting, "They treat women very well."

Jhuliana expresses her excitement about joining the series since she is proud to represent her country while getting to know other cultures. This is on top of finding the right man for her. 

Love and Translation airs on TLC every Sunday at 10 p.m. ET. The episodes are also streaming on Max.

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