90 Day Fiancé 2023 Cast: Every Couple In Season 10

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90 Day Fiancé cast season 10

90 Day Fiancé Season 10's cast features a returning couple as well as a plethora of fresh faces.

The reality television series from TLC explores the ups and downs of couples who are in the process of receiving a K-1 visa, a document that allows the foreign fiancés of United States citizens to travel to the country to get married within 90 days.

90 Day Fiancé made its debut on TLC on January 12, 2014, and it consists of 10 seasons so far. 

Every Couple in 90 Day Fiancé Season 10

Jasmine Pineda (36) and Gino Palazollo (52)

Jasmine Gino 90 Day Fiance

Jasmine, 36, is a former teacher from Panama while Gino, 52, is an automotive engineer from Michigan. 

Returning from their two-season stint in 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days, Jasmine and Gino will look to take things to a new level in Season 10 after almost breaking up in the spin-off series. 

Jasmine and Gino are known for their volatile arguments that involve their sex life and family, most notably during their controversial fight in the August 27 installment of Before the 90 Days

Jasmine threatened to leave Gino for her ex, Dane, who is coincidentally their neighbor, telling her fiancé that her former love is "the best man that [she] ever had:"

Jasmine: "F--- your family. Your family is trash. I’m gonna go and f--- my ex that knows how to f--- me. He’s the best man that I have ever had, and I’m going back to him. He is the most important person in my life.”

Gino: “Go back to him!”

In a shocking reveal, Jasmine told Gino that she had been keeping an intimate video of her and Dane that was filmed "one month ago."

However, after that huge clash, Jasmine apologized to Gino in the September 10 episode and proposed to him with the same ring he gave her, noting that she's going to "earn" him again: 

“I’m gonna earn it. Because I want to be your wife. I’m sorry for being a bitch and wanted you to upgrade this ring. But you know what? Like, in my eyes and for me, this ring is priceless and not even all the money in the world can buy it because this is from the love of my life.”

Gino willingly accepted her back, setting the stage for their comeback in Season 10. 

In the couple's official profile from TLC, it was confirmed that Jasmine's US visa had been approved and she is now moving from Panama to Michigan to start her life in the United States and eventually get married.

Sophie (23) and Robert (32)

Sophie Robert 90 Day Fiance

Sophie, 23, is a social media influencer from the United Kingdom while Robert, 32, is a model from Los Angeles. 

Coming off their virtual romance, the couple is ready to make the next big move after saying yes to a committed relationship. According to an official profile from People, Sophie is reportedly "expecting a life of Hollywood glamour" due to the bright lights of Los Angeles. 

Little did she know, Robert comes from a humble upbringing, and this could spell trouble for Sophie.

Robert mentioned that Sophie has "spoiled, rich girl tendencies," via Season 10's official promo. It seems that money will be the main focal point on whether the pair's relationship will flourish. 

Nick (30) and Devin (23)

Nick Devin 90 Day Fiance

Nick, 30, and Devin, 23, first met on Tinder. The pair eventually hit it off and fell in love, ultimately leading to a K-1 visa for Nick. 

After spending three weeks together, Nick is now leaving his home in Australia behind to be with Devin in Arkansas. Given that they are still in the getting-to-know stage of their relationship, some fans claim that they are moving too fast.

In Season 10's official trailer, Nick admitted that he would not get married until he received his Korean parents' blessing. However, his parents appear to be not ready to let their son go just yet, leaving Devin in tears. 

Meanwhile, People Magazine also shared that Devin's "opinionated" family from Arkansas could be one of the major challenges that the couple will eventually face once they are in the U.S., thus posing a threat to their happily ever after. 

Manuel (34) and Ashley (31)

Manuel Ashley 90 Day Fiance

Manuel, 34, is from Ecuador, and Ashley, 31, is from New York. They have a unique love story since the pair have known each other for more than 12 years. 

Manuel and Ashley first met at a New Year's Eve party in Ecuador in 2010 (via People). The couple broke up after Ashley moved back to the United States since she already finished her studies in marine biology. 

Despite their breakup, the pair kept in touch, eventually leading to their reunion in the present day. 

Prior to their breakup in the past, the trailer revealed that Manuel and Ashley actually got engaged within a week of their meeting in 2010. However, Ashley shared that she still hasn't told Manuel that she is involved with witchcraft. 

While speaking with Entertainment Tonight in September 2023, it was confirmed that Manuel is now fully aware (and at peace) that Ashley is a witch, noting in the interview that she's "all about helping people to [become] the best version of themselves."

Ashely also pointed out in the interview that they "dabble [in] sex magic."

Now that the witchcraft secret is out of the way, Season 10 is set to chronicle Manuel and Ashley's love story and they are hoping that romance is successful for the second time around.

Justin (36) and Nikki (47)

Justin Nikki 90 Day Fiance

Justin, 36, is from Moldova while Nikki, 47, is from New Jersey. The pair initially met on a dating site in Moldova 17 years ago. 

They were in a relationship then, but Justin broke up with Nikki because he couldn't accept the fact that she was transgender. 

In an exclusive clip from Entertainment Tonight, Nikki revealed that she didn't tell people she was trans, with her not even admitting the truth to Justin until two years after they started their relationship: 

"I traumatized him. And he went home and he was depressed for a really long time. And I felt bad about that."

Fast forward to the present day, Nikki revealed in the trailer that she's ready to give her love for Justin a second chance. 

In fact, the couple's official profile from TLC revealed that Justin has a "new understanding" of Nikki, and this could lead to a more hopeful outcome in Season 10. 

Nikki also makes 90 Day Fiancé history as the third trans cast member in the series. The first two were Gabe Paboga and Cleo C. 

Anali (26) and Clayton (29)

Anali Clayton 90 Day Fiance

Anali, 26, is set to move out from her home in Peru to be with Clayton, 29, in Kentucky. 

After their initial meeting on a language app, Anali and Clayton's bond grew stronger even though it was in the virtual world. 

According to TLC, though, the couple still has a "significant language barrier" that could greatly impact their relationship. 

More so, Anali is worried that she might not have enough space when she moves to America since the trailer revealed that Clayton is living in a one-bedroom apartment with his mom, and it looks like he has no plans to move out. 

Whether or not love will ultimately conquer all for Anali and Clayton remains to be seen. 

Citra (26) and Sam (30)

Citra Sam 90 Day Fiance

Citra, 26, is from Indonesia, while Sam, 30, is from Missouri. After meeting on a dating app, the pair got engaged in Indonesia. 

In an unexpected twist, Citra is not alone in her move to Missouri since her father will be joining her. It remains to be seen how Sam would react since the trailer didn't feature the couple. 

The pair's official profile from People teased that Sam has a "sordid" past, and it seems that Citra is unaware of it. 

It was also revealed by the outlet that Citra's father will stay for only two weeks in the United States, meaning that it is their only chance to gain his approval in marriage.

90 Day Fiancé Season 10 premieres on TLC on Sunday, October 8, at 8 p.m. ET. 

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