Two More Star Wars Animated Shows Rumored To Be In Development

By Andrew Gilman Posted:
Star Wars Animated Shows

We're a few weeks off from the rousing finale of Star Wars: The Clone Wars , which concludes a major chapter in the Star Wars story and Lucasfilm's animation department. The final season of the hit series was a massive success, but the end of the line has left fans desperate for more.

While Clone Wars may be finished, a rumored sequel to Star Wars Rebels is allegedly set to debut in November 2020, with an official announcement of the series coming at any point. The show will reportedly have the same CG animation style as The Clone Wars , meaning there will be a much higher budget than what Rebels operated under. While we await the unveiling of what's next for Lucasfilm animation, a new rumor suggests two additional series are also on the way...


Corey Van Dyke of Kessel Run Transmissions has claimed in a Twitter post that two Star Wars animated series are being developed, in addition to the rumored Rebels sequel. The post, which can be viewed below, suggests that one show will have the CG style animation we've grown accustomed to, while the other will be in 2D.


Until other major outlets or an official announcement corroborates this rumor, it should be taken with a heavy grain of salt. The Rebels sequel, while highly anticipated, has yet to be officially revealed, despite reportedly being six months away from its premiere. Should that series receive an announcement in the coming weeks, there may also be some validity to the newly rumored shows.

There are limitless possibilities for Star Wars storytelling, and the Lucasfilm animation team has proven multiple times now that they can deliver on major shows. The recent success of The Clone Wars makes the future for animated Star Wars content brighter than ever before.

Fans have been clamoring for any sort of Luke Skywalker material following Return of the Jedi and preceding his appearance in the Sequel Trilogy - perhaps the untitled CG series could delve into the iconic hero's escapades as he rebuilds the Jedi Order? An animated TV series starring Doctor Aphra has also been rumored for some time, a show that could conceivably thrive on a lower budget for a 2D series.

There's always the chance that the animation team takes us into uncharted territories as well. For all we know, Lucasfilm could be so confident in the now delayed The High Republic publishing program that an animated series is being developed to accompany it. Or they could go even further back, getting into the Old Republic time period. A potential show could be set after the Sequel Trilogy as well, as unlikely at this time as that may seem.

At this point, it's impossible to say what these two shows could be, if they even exist. But whatever they are, Star Wars fans can be assured one thing: Dave Filoni and his team will deliver.

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