First Look at Tom Holland's Next Starring Role Officially Released

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Tom Holland at the end of Spider-Man No Way Home

A photo of Tom Holland in his next leading role has been revealed. 

While the actor is best known for playing the MCU's Spider-Man and is even rumored to cameo in Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, Holland has never limited himself to comic book movies alone. 

In addition to his breakout performance in The Impossible, Holland tackled the role of an Army vet suffering from PTSD in the Russo Brothers' Cherry in 2021. 

Now, the Marvel star looks to showcase his range once more; but this time, it's for a series. 

Tom Holland's New Role Revealed

Spider-Man: No Way Home's Tom Holland is set to star in The Crowded Room, an anthology series about the true stories of those who struggled with mental illness, for Apple TV+.

This is the actor's first role following 2022's Uncharted for Sony Pictures

According to Deadline, the 10-episode first season of The Crowded Room is based in part on writer and executive producer Akiva Goldsman's life and inspired by the Daniel Keyes biography, The Minds of Billy Milligan. 

In addition to executive producing the Apple TV+ series himself, Holland plays Danny Sullivan, a loose interpretation of Milligan, the first person to ever be acquitted of a crime due to dissociative identity disorder. 

The following photo is a first look at Holland as Danny Sullivan ahead head of the series' debut on June 9:

Tom Holland AppleTV+
Apple TV+

Holland is joined by Emmy Rossum, who plays Danny's mother, and Amanda Seyfried as Rya, a clinical psychologist.

Another still from the show's Holland in a scene alongside Seyfried in some sort of psychiatric session:

Tom Holland, Amanda Seyfried
Apple TV+

Tom Holland's Future Plans & Roles

Tom Holland's emotional performance in Spider-Man: No Way Home proved to the masses that the actor has chops; but despite his range and star power, he appears to be selective in terms of his roles and time. 

After No Way Home and Uncharted in 2022, Holland confessed he planned to take a break following the filming of The Crowded Room

That same year, he shared his decision to leave social media for his mental health while also promoting mental health charities.

As The Crowded Room's debut approaches, it will be interesting to learn if the actor still plans to hit pause on his upcoming projects, especially in light of Spider-Verse 2 and Spider-Man 4 reports as well as his expected role in the upcoming Fred Astaire biopic. 

The Crowded Room premieres on Apple TV+ June 9. 

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