Tom Holland's Spider-Man 3: Jacob Batalon Reveals New Look For Ned Leeds

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Jacob Batalon as Ned Leeds, Spider-Man3 Logo

The MCU's third Spider-Man is currently filming in Atlanta, GA, and much of the cast has already arrived on set. This includes Jacob Batalon, who plays Peter Parker's best friend and confidant, Ned Leeds.

Batalon recently made waves when he posted a photo on social media of his dramatic weight loss. This caused speculation among fans regarding whether or not fans will see a slimmer Ned in the next Spider-Man film, along with an in-film explanation for it.


Jacob Batalon posted a photo on his Instagram stories today featuring a look at him in the wig he wears for the role of Ned Leeds in the MCU. He captioned the photo: "Ned just wanted to stop in and say hi"

You can check out the photo below:

Jacob Batalon
Credit: Jacob Batalon's Instagram



For those who don't know, Batalon is either bald or shaves his head, and therefore has worn a wig in all four of his previous MCU appearances. So, it should come as no surprise whatsoever that the trend will continue.

It will be good to see the character back in action in Spider-Man 3. Ned has been a loyal friend to Peter and has assisted the teenage superhero on occasion as his self-appointed "guy in the chair," AKA the person sitting in front of a computer and relaying needed information to Spider-Man when he's out in the field.

Sony and Marvel Studios seem to want to stick to their established release date for the upcoming threequel. With that in mind, the still-untitled third MCU Spider-Man film opens on December 17, 2021.

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