Marvel Hid a Secret Thor: Love and Thunder Easter Egg In Werewolf by Night

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Werewolf by Night, Thor, Love and Thunder

Werewolf by Night has finally hit Disney+, and now fans across the world can experience Marvel Studios' first Halloween special. In fact, it's the first true horror project for the MCU—with an honorable mention going to Sam Raimi's Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

The special features not only the introduction of the titular Werewolf but also Man-Thing and Elsa Bloodstone. Beyond that, Werewolf by Night has already been teased to just be the beginning of these supernatural monsters in the MCU.

As exciting as it is to be introduced to new characters, the project also features its fair share of Easter eggs to the wider world, a specialty of Marvel Studios.

Thanks to a fan on Reddit, a pretty significant one has been found, and surprisingly, it's in reference to Thor: Love and Thunder.

The Hidden Thor Easter Egg in Werewolf

Thanks to Reddit user u/greppoboy, fans have discovered a fun Thor: Love and Thunder Easter egg.

When Gael García Bernal's Jack Russell is entering Bloodstone Manor, there's a point at which he walks through a hallway with murals stretching out on either side of him.

However, there's one portion that stands out.

Werewolf by Night, Gorr, Thor

On his left is some imagery that is a direct reference to Gorr the God Butcher, Thor: Love and Thunder's main villain, as seen in the comics written by Jason Aaron.

Werewolf by Night, Gorr, Thor

Just an Easter Egg or Something More?

So what does this mean for the MCU? Well, looking at Christian Bale's Gorr in Thor: Love and Thunder, this image clearly isn't referencing that version of the character—meaning it's nothing more than a reference to his comic origins.

Gorr seems to be a recent creation in the MCU, at least not something of ancient times that would have been drawn in hieroglyphic-style art. The design itself also is far removed from the very human-looking version of the character seen in Love and Thunder.

Gorr, Thor Love and Thunder

It's hard not to wish that the Gorr seen in Taika Watiti's latest film was more in tune with his comic counterpart. It also would have been great if he lived up to his namesake in general and was seen actually killing Gods.

This will certainly be far from the last fun nod to the comics that fans will find. Each frame within the Bloodstone Manor likely holds several new notable references. Fans better start getting to work!

Werewolf by Night and Thor: Love and Thunder are both streaming on Disney+.

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