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Thor: Love and Thunder featured a plethora of gods within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Christian Bale's arrival as Gorr the God Butcher served as the catalyst for the franchise to showcase a horde of gods in the movie, with the villain killing a good chunk of them. As a result of Gorr's murder spree, Chris Hemsworth's Thor seeks the help of the more powerful gods in Omnipotent City, specifically Russell Crowe's Zeus. 

Unfortunately, Zeus and his comrades weren't fazed by the threat of Gorr, leading Thor and his allies to go against the Necrosword-wielding villain on their own. Despite that, the Omnipotent City sequence was jam-packed with fun Easter eggs tied to the larger MCU and the real world as Team Thor went up against their newest enemies.

Now, a closer look at some of the goddesses featured in the iconic sequence has emerged online. 

Thor 4 Set Photo Highlights Wakandan God 

Luca Vannella, Chris Hemsworth's hair stylist in Thor: Love and Thunder, shared a new batch of behind-the-scenes set photos featuring some of the gods from Omnipotent City. 

Vannella first shared a group photo of the film's hair and make-up team, which includes the wigs that were used by the gods in the movie: 

Thor: Love and Thunder

Vannella also shared several stills of the goddesses in his tweet, starting with Akosia Sabet's Bastet a.k.a. Wakanda's goddess.


Although the character's appearance was brief in Thor 4, Bastet can be seen directly below Tessa Thompson's Valkyrie and Natalie Portman's Mighty Thor.

Valkyrie, Mighty Thor, Bastet

The post also revealed another unnamed god in Thor 4

Thor 4 goddess

Here's another god that is featured in the post:

Elche Goddess


Will Bast Play a Role in Black Panther 2?

Given that plot details for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever are still being kept under wraps, it remains to be seen if Bastet's human avatar will make an appearance in the sequel. Despite that, Akosia Sabet's brief appearance as Bastet is a fitting nod to the Wakandan culture and the Black Panther franchise as a whole.

Considering that Thor: Love and Thunder's mid-credits scene confirmed that Zeus is still alive after being incapacitated by Thor, there's a strong chance that Thor 5 would feature the return of Omnipotent City. Zeus' promise at the end of Thor 4 also indicates that he will rally the gods in Omnipotent City so that humans will fear them again. 

It is unknown if Bastet and some of the noble gods would join Zeus' vendetta should it move forward. It's more likely that some gods would pull back, thus leading to an eventful clash in Omnipotent City in Thor 5. Doing this allows the MCU to fully showcase the might of Bastet, giving fans a sense of how powerful the Wakandan God really is. 

Thor: Love and Thunder is playing in theaters worldwide. 

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