Will Loki Appear In Thor 4? Marvel Star Shares Hilarious Response

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Thor: Love and Thunder is set to bring back most of the main characters of the Chris Hemsworth-led franchise, although a key omission is Tom Hiddleston's Loki. Granted that the main version of the anti-hero already died during Avengers: Infinity War, the fact that another Variant was introduced in Endgame raises the possibility of seeing the God of Mischief again in the upcoming sequel.

However, Hiddleston previously debunked rumors of seeing his God of Mischief in Love and Thunder, saying that Loki and Thor's story is over "for the moment." Still, this didn't stop fans who are hoping to see another reunion of the two brothers in the film, considering that the MCU sequel could potentially be the final solo movie of Hemsworth's God of Thunder.

Now, Hiddleston has once again addressed his involvement in Love and Thunder in a new interview.

Tom Hiddleston Addresses Thor 4 Appearance

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Tom Hiddleston sat down with Total Film, via Gamesradar, to talk about his potential appearance in Thor: Love and Thunder as Loki. 

When asked about the topic, Hiddleston shared a hilarious response by admitting that he's "living in a question mark." The MCU veteran continued by pointing out that "it's all unknown" while referencing Andrew Garfield's past lies for No Way Home

 "I’m living in a question mark. It’s all unknown. You know, I used to think that I could predict these things, but I literally have no idea. And I’m not even doing an Andrew Garfield! I just don’t know."

Will Loki Show Up in MCU Movies Again?

Tom Hiddleston's blunt response over his potential appearance in Thor: Love and Thunder is understandable, and the reason behind this could be his commitment to Disney+'s Loki. In addition, Hiddleston not having any clue about his MCU future could also be tied to Marvel Studios' tightly guarded secrecy

Based on Loki Season 1's ending, Hiddleston's God of Mischief appears to be trapped in an alternate timeline with a different version of the Time Variance Authority that doesn't recognize him. The show's current story presents a challenging scenario for Loki to appear in the MCU sequel since it will be hard to connect the two narratives. 

Still, a version of Loki has been confirmed to appear in Love and Thunder, with Matt Damon portraying a theater actor to play the character in a recap of the events of Thor: Ragnarok. While this is not what fans expected, Hiddleston has already offered his stamp of approval for Damon's upcoming portrayal. 

At this point, it remains to be seen if Marvel Studios will push through with another reunion between Thor and Loki in the future. The God of Mischief did promise Thor before his death that the "sun will shine" on them again. Perhaps, as Loki deals with the Multiverse, a version of Thor would appear, thus leading to the fulfillment of that promise. 

Thor: Love and Thunder is set to premiere in theaters on July 8.

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