When Will The Sandman Season 2 Release? New Update Points to Premiere Window

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The Sandman Season 2 is moving forward at Netflix and a new report has given a promising update on the release date for the series.

An official season 2 renewal of Neil Gaiman's seminal, fantastical comic book run was handed out in November last year with filming moving forward in 2023, only to be halted by the strikes in Hollywood.

Now that both the Writers and Screen Actors Guild strikes have ended, things are getting back on track for The Sandman Season 2.

The Sandman Season 2 Gets Production Update

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A recent report from Deadline has indicated which productions are heading back to work after the ending of the SAG strike, with The Sandman being one of them.

Filming for the next season of The Sandman initially began on June 23, with the cast spotted on set at Shepperton Studios in the UK, but it has been halted for the duration of the actor's strike from July 14 through November 9.

Deadline's article lists The Sandman as having a tentative production restart date of "late November" with a date after Thanksgiving (11/27) seeming most likely.

The Sandman was one of the only Netflix productions on the list for November, with highly-anticipated series like Stranger Things 5 and Wednesday absent. This indicates the series is a priority for Netflix and could be one of the next major post-strike releases for the streamer. 

When Will The Sandman Season 2 Release on Netflix?

Netflix has avoided putting out a release window for The Sandman Season 2, but looking at the Season 1 production schedule could provide some hints. 

Filming on Season 1 took about 10 months, taking place between October 2020 and ending sometime in Summer 2021. 

Production on Season 2 of The Sandman barely got three weeks under its belt before it was shut down, meaning there's likely still eight to nine months of filming to go. With production resuming in late November, that indicates a wrap time of mid-2024. 

Season 1 of The Sandman was released a full year after filming had wrapped and if the same happens here we're looking at an early-mid 2025 release date for Season 2 of the Netflix show. 

With all that being said, Netflix surprised everyone when it dropped a secret 11th episode of The Sandman, weeks after the first season had debuted. This indicated that the creators weren't afraid to play with the format of the series, which could mean a non-traditional rollout of the next batch of episodes

The Sandman is streaming now on Netflix.

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