First Look at The Sandman Season 2 Revealed by Set Photos

By Aeron Mer Eclarinal Updated:
Tom Sturridge in The Sandman

New set photos emerged online offering the first look at The Sandman Season 2. 

Despite initial concerns about a potential cancellation, Netflix eventually confirmed that The Sandman has been renewed for Season 2. 

In January 2023, The Sandman actor Mason Alexander Park, who plays Desire in the series, confirmed that the cast and crew will start shooting this summer, leading to speculation of when it will release

Meanwhile, The Sandman creator Neil Gaiman confirmed in April 2023 that "scripts are written" and "sets are being designed" for Season 2. 

The First Look at the Sandman Season 2 

Daily Mail UK shared new set photos from the filming of The Sandman Season 2, giving fans a sneak peek of the show's upcoming return to Netflix. 

Tom Sturridge looks stunning as the Dream of the Endless aka Morpheus in this new set photo. The actor was seen in full costume while cameras were rolling:

In the photos, Sturridge shared a scene with a mysterious character dressed in white, with the actor seemingly wearing a similar outfit as Morpheus:

Based on the photos, Sturridge's Morpheus appears to be having a tense confrontation with the new character:

Predicting the Sandman Season 2’s Story

While the identity of the new character wearing a ghostly white version of Dream's suit is still unknown, these photos appear to tease that Tom Sturridge's The Sandman character has a new enemy or ally in Season 2. 

At the end of Season 1, Lucifer left Morpheus with the key to hell and the task of finding its new ruler. 

As a result, Season 2 is expected to address the ramifications of Lucifer's decision while also hinting at other cosmic entities could show up. 

It's possible that this new character dressed in white could be one of the candidates who want to lead hell. 

With filming now underway for The Sandman Season 2 (despite the ongoing writer's strike), a 2024 premiere for the show on Netflix remains a possibility. 

Netflix's The Sandman Season 2 has no release date yet. 

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