Will The Regime Release on Netflix? Where to Watch & Stream the New Series

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Kate Winslet in The Regime

HBO's The Regime has fans wondering if the new TV drama will ever stream on Netflix

The Kate Winslet-led 2024 hit follows the fall of an authoritarian government over a fictitious European nation, with Season 1 ongoing on Max and HBO. 

Thus far, the series has turned plenty of heads, with audiences calling Winslet's performance "commanding" as the actress leads her third series for the network (via Rotten Tomatoes). 

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Will The Regime Come To Netflix?

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The Regime

Some have begun to wonder if the new HBO series The Regime will eventually be streaming on Netflix, following several series from the network hitting the streamer. 

The Regime may eventually be coming to Netflix, but it likely will not be for quite some time. 

In July 2023, Netflix and HBO struck a deal to have some of the longstanding network's biggest series come to the service; however, most of these seem to be older titles such as Band of Brothers, The Pacific, and Six Feet Under

One of the newer names to make its way from HBO to Netflix was Issa Rae's Insecure, which finished its run on the network in 2021 (via Deadline). 

If The Regime were to follow in Insecure's footsteps, the series would still likely be years away from hitting Netflix, with Issa Rae's comedy series debuting in 2016 before coming to the service in 2023. 

For fans looking to stream The Regime more imminently all new episodes of the series are released day-and-date on Max along with their HBO debut.

Where Else Can I Stream The Regime?

During the show's first run on HBO, the only place to stream it is on the Warner Bros.-owned Max streaming platform. 

Warner has done a pretty good job of keeping its biggest titles in-house during their height of popularity. 

This has meant the biggest movies and TV shows from the studio have come to Max exclusively upon release. 

However, as evidenced by Warner Bros.'s willingness to license its IP to other streamers like Netflix, The Regime studio has proven it is not afraid to share its riches if it means making a buck in the process. 

The realities of streaming have begun to set in for the major players in the space, and making money on these direct-to-consumer subscription platforms has not proven to be the easiest. 

So, if a big name like Warner Bros. can make some money (and get more eyes on its titles) by striking deals with competitors like Netflix, then it will do it. 

Other players connected to Warner have been free streaming services like Roku and Tubi, where the studio is offering the recent HBO hit Westworld

While it would likely be quite some time before a new show like The Regime would come to anything like Tubi, there is also the possibility that somewhere down the line, the political drama could also hit a service like that. 

The Regime is streaming now on Max. 

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