The Neighborhood Season 6 Gets Exciting Update: When Will It Release?

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The Neighborhood

With the Writers Guild of America (WGA) strike having come to an end, The Neighborhood is now gearing up to return to the air for Season 6’s release.

Featuring a team of sitcom and comedy legends such as Cedric the Entertainer, Tichina Arnold, and Beth Behrs, The Neighborhood focuses on a white midwestern family that has to adjust to life in a largely Black area in southern California.

With anywhere from five to six million viewers per season, The Neighborhood has performed fairly well in terms of purely statistical numbers, earning a Season 6 renewal in January 2023.

The Neighborhood Season 6 Development Underway

The Neighborhood show

Deadline revealed that the writer‘s room for The Neighborhood Season 6 officially opened its doors on October 2 following the end of the WGA strike.

This was far from the only show whose writers returned to work, with Ghosts Season 3, NCIS Season 21, Fire Country Season 3, Grey’s Anatomy Season 20, and others all moving forward with getting their scripts developed.

Due to the writers' strike along with the still-active SAG-AFTRA strike, none of the show’s personnel have had the opportunity to share any news regarding the story or cast details for Season 6 yet.

When Will The Neighborhood Season 6 Release?

After setting Bill Martin and Mike Schiff in place as showrunners for Season 5, the last set of episodes started in the writers’ room in June 2022, pushing out the new season only three months later in September 2022.

With the writers now developing the story for Season 6 in the last couple of weeks, The Neighborhood’s eventual return will ultimately depend on when the actors’ strike is resolved.

There is virtually no chance that the show will come back to the air in 2023 with just over two months left in the year, meaning the earliest it could realistically make its comeback would be in Spring 2024.

But considering it only took three months to write and shoot the last season, once the cast is allowed back to work, there shouldn’t be too long of a turnaround for this sitcom.

Realistically, the expectations are that the series will be back on CBS sometime in late winter to early spring, with the only mystery at that point being just how much longer The Neighborhood will run.

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