First Look at The Marvels Post-Credits Scene Art Revealed (SPOILERS)

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Newly-revealed The Marvels concept art offered a good look at the movie’s unexpected X-Men cameo.

The Marvels might not have been the most popular MCU movie ever, but it did manage to include some fun, some laughs, and a few action-packed battles in its roughly 100-minute runtime.

Of course, the outcome of one of those battles landed Monica Rambeau in an alternate universe where her mother Maria is alive (and has superpowers) and the X-Men are a fully established team.

And on that team is one of its most popular members, the brainy, blue-furred Dr. Hank McCoy aka, Beast.

Andy Park Shows The Marvels Cameo Concept Art

Marvel Studios’ director of visual development Andy Park took to Instagram to share a look at concept art of Beast from The Marvels’ post-credits sequence.

The four pieces he created of pop culture’s other famous Dr. McCoy can be viewed below:

The first includes a close-up of Beast’s blue, bespectacled head, featuring his signature, comics-accurate hairstyle:

Concept art of Beast from The Marvels
Andy Park’s Instagram

Kelsey Grammer provided the voice of Beast, who was rendered digitally in the movie, so the actual CGI model may bear more of a resemblance to the Frasier star:

Concept art of Beast from The Marvels
Andy Park’s Instagram

Another piece shows a bit more of McCoy’s body. In The Marvels, he wasn’t actually wearing a white shirt, but one is present in the artwork:

Concept art of Beast from The Marvels
Andy Park’s Instagram

A closer look at the same image shows just how closely the overall design adhered to his comic book look:

Concept art of Beast from The Marvels
Andy Park’s Instagram

According to Park’s post caption, he tried to “channel the essence” of the comic book version of Beast:

“BEAST concept design I did for 'THE MARVELS!' This is one of the versions I did as I gave them a range of options (as we do) all while trying to channel the essence of his comic book origins. I’ve done a lot of designs through my years here at Marvel Studios… this one made the inner fanboy in me squeal just a bit”

Where Could Kelsey Grammer’s Beast Appear Next?

One thing is for certain, Kelsey Grammer loves playing Beast. He went through hours in the makeup chair just for a quick, two-second cameo in 2014’s X-Men: Days of Future Past. And what’s more, he previously issued Disney a specific ultimatum over reprising the character.

So where could his take on Hank McCoy pop up next? Well, it stands to reason that since Deadpool 3 (due out in July 2024) is bringing in Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine, other X-Men could join in on the fun. In fact, perhaps the universe Monica became stranded in is actually the reality where Fox‘s X-Men originated.

This would open up the door for not only Wolverine and Beast but a whole host of other Mutant heroes. Maybe James Marsden as Cyclops or Anna Paquin as Rogue? Halle Berry, who famously portrayed Ororo Monro (aka Storm) in the original X-Men movies is also heavily speculated to make an appearance in Deadpool 3.

Barring Beast’s return in the Deadpool threequel, maybe he could make his comeback in Avengers: Secret Wars instead.

That film is intended to serve as the culmination of the MCU’s Multiverse Saga so the studio will likely throw in everything but the kitchen sink.

Marvel Studios’ The Marvels is now playing in theaters everywhere.

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