The Mandalorian: Star Wars Unveils Plot-Centric Baby Yoda & Eggs Funko Pop Figure

By Andrew Gilman Posted:
Baby Yoda Eggs, The Mandalorian Logo

Every kid puts things into their mouths that they're not supposed to. In Baby Yoda's case, he ate unfertilized eggs being ferried by Mando to Frog Lady's husband. While our innocent green friend was simply looking for a tasty snack, he also contributed to the potential extinction of this particular family's lineage.

The Child has had an appetite for frog from the moment we met him, so Frog Lady's appearance was bound to cause trouble. The kid took down a frog on Kuill's farm in "Chapter 2," and he later attempted to eat one on Sorgan - much to the dismay of the other children he had befriended. Any grand eating experience is worthy of depiction in Funko's line of vinyl bobbleheads, and the company delivered with a previously leaked figure based on Baby Yoda and the love of his life...


Funko unveiled its latest Pop! Deluxe figure depicting a moment from The Mandalorian "Chapter 10 - The Passenger," The Child with Egg Canister:

Child, Egg Pop
Via Funko

The Child with Egg Canister is now available for preorder here.

Additionally, Funko recently revealed The Mandalorian & The Child on Bantha Pop! Deluxe, based on a sequence from "Chapter 9 - The Marshal:"

Bantha Pop
Via Funko

The Mandalorian & The Child on Bantha is now available for preorder here .

These Deluxe bobbleheads are always fun. Depending on who you ask, Baby Yoda's escapades with Frog Lady's eggs were either brutally funny or horrifying. Regardless of one's position, the kid's obsession led to some moments to remember, making this piece perfect for Funko's Deluxe scale.

This is also the first time Funko has recreated a Bantha in its unique mold, and what better occasion to do it than an unlikely alliance between our heroes and the Tusken Raiders? In recent years, Funko has produced more of the larger creatures in Star Wars, and Sand People's iconic choice of transportation was an inevitability.

The Mandalorian has produced many moments that have allowed for Funko to add to their family of Star Wars Pop! vinyls. At the center of them all have been Mando and The Child, and that likely won't be changing. Their trek through Arvala-7 upon first becoming acquainted released a few months back, and Season 2 has already produced multiple offerings that will expand shelves worldwide.

So, what comes next? Does The Child still have room for more of Frog Lady's eggs in his little belly, or is he full? And what other grand moments will Season 2 have to offer that will be translated into Funko Pop! form? Perhaps Baby Yoda will find other things to eat? Or maybe there will be a piece depicting the teased battle between Mando and Moff Gideon ? We will be watching these developments with great interest...

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