The Mandalorian and Baby Yoda Receive the Funko Pop Treatment Together

By Andrew Gilman Posted:
The Mandalorian and The Child, The Mandalorian and The Child Funko Pop

In recent years, Funko Pop vinyl bobbleheads have become a staple in the collections of many Star Wars fans. Made popular by the Force Friday line released for The Force Awakens , Funko Pops have accompanied the release of all five Disney-era Star Wars films, as well as the TV series'.

The Mandalorian is by far the most popular project in the galaxy far, far away at the moment, and the hunger for tie-in merchandise is high. A small selection of Pops was released for the show on Triple Force Friday last fall, with a larger line hitting stores in recent months. Still, but the dynamic duo of Mando and The Child has been notably absent - until now.


Funko has revealed through their official Twitter a 10-inch Chrome Mandalorian with The Child Pop! vinyl. The collectible, already available for pre-order , is set to hit shelves in October 2020.


When Din Djarin became the sworn protector of The Child, an inseparable bond was formed, one that has grabbed fans by the heart and the wallet. Since the first season premiered, countless pieces of merchandise have been announced and released featuring both Mando and the fan-named Baby Yoda, though mainly individually.

Funko is one of the most popular brands in the Star Wars collecting community, so it was only a matter of time until everyone's new favorite tag team got a Pop vinyl release. A Funko Pop Moment piece in regular scale was announced a few months back depicting the two characters on Arvala 7, but this new monstrosity with realistic chrome beskar armor is sure to be a centerpiece for many collections.

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