Will The Family Plan 2 Happen? Director Addresses Sequel Ideas (Exclusive)

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What exactly would a sequel to Mark Wahlberg’s The Family Plan on Apple TV+ look like?

The Uncharted star’s latest film sees him playing Dan Morgan, a family man whose secret former life as a hitman comes back to haunt him and his family.

The twist? No one in his family knows the truth about his former life, and it’s a secret he tries to keep throughout the whole movie.

Will A Family Plan 2 Happen?

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This article has spoilers for The Family Plan on Apple TV+.

In an exclusive interview with The Direct's Russ Milheim, the cast and crew of Apple TV+’s new film, The Family Plan, revealed what they would want to see out of a potential sequel.

When asked what The Family Plan 2 would look likeDirector Simon Cellan Jones said that “it would definitely be a road movie” in a “crazy” location like “Europe or South America:”

“That's a great question. I don't know. They'd all be older and wiser. But, you know, it would definitely be a road movie. I don't know whether it'd be Europe or South America, somewhere crazy like that. Yeah, but I think it would look it would be a different story, but it would be the same family, and it would be because family never cures its problems. It just sort of puts them on hold for a while. I think they'd still be tons and tons of great material.”

Cast member Zoe Margaret Colletti, who portrays Nina Morgan in the movie, suggested Dan Morgan’s previous line of employment could “[become] a family business:”

“I don't know what their story would look like. It's so interesting. Because without the perspective of the family not knowing, it completely changes what a story would be like… maybe it becomes a family business.”

She continued, confidently stating she “think[s] Nina would continue pursuing journalism:”

“I do think Nina would continue pursuing journalism, especially because she got her start by breaking a pretty huge story at the end of the movie there, so I do think she would kind of stay on track with what her original goals were.”

As for Van Crosby, who plays Kyle Morgan, added that his character “would probably stay on track too:

“Yeah. I think, honestly, Kyle would probably stay on track too. I think he'd still be doing streaming social media kind of stuff.”

What's the Next Step for the Morgans?

While the story of The Family Plan comes to a satisfying close by the end of the movie, nothing is saying another entry could not happen.

With someone like Dan and his secret past, the Morgan family will likely be looking over their backs for a very long time. Some disgruntled victims of that former life are bound to show their faces at one point or another.

But a hypothetical sequel has two things going for it.

First, there’s the fun chemistry between the whole cast, which was on display from start to finish. That alone could be worth witnessing more of.

Second, the family’s entire dynamic will have changed since everyone is in on Dan’s secret. Nothing would feel the same, and by its very nature, those new circumstances would make a new adventure feel fresh and separate from the first movie.

Fans will have to wait to see if a sequel ever materializes, but until then, The Family Plan is now streaming on Apple TV+.

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