Argylle Movie Gets Exciting Online Release Update: When Will It Start Streaming?

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Argylle Due Lipa and Henry Cavill

Argylle, the latest movie from director Matthew Vaughn, got an exciting new update regarding its online release ahead of its streaming debut.

Even behind a star-studded cast including Bryce Dallas Howard, Henry Cavill, and John Cena, Argylle struggled at the box office, only grossing about $86 million globally (per Box Office Mojo) against a budget of nearly $200 million.

Not living up to financial expectations, Argylle is not expected to remain in theaters for long as Universal Pictures and Apple Original Films look to recoup what they can.

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Argylle Gets Online Release Update

Henry Cavill in Argylle

The When To Stream X (formerly Twitter) account confirmed that Argylle will be available for digital purchase online on Tuesday, March 5.

This marks a 32-day gap between the film's theatrical release date (February 2) and its online release date (March 5), with Matthew Vaughn's film about to be available for purchase on most online marketplaces.

Looking at past Apple TV+ releases, viewers are now taking notes on when Argylle could be available to stream after its digital release.

Martin Scorsese's latest effort, Killers of the Flower Moon, was released theatrically on October 20, 2023, before its digital release on December 5 (46 days later) and its streaming debut on January 12, 2024 (84 days later).

Shortly after, Napoleon hit theaters on November 22, moving to digital marketplaces on January 9, 2024 (48 days later) before it will start streaming on Friday, March 1 (100 days later).

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When Will Argylle Begin Streaming?

Due to Argylle's massive budget compared to its underwhelming box office haul, many are expecting it to be available to view on Apple TV+ in the not-too-distant future.

For comparison, Killers of the Flower Moon had a similar $200 million budget and only grossed about $156 million globally (per Box Office Mojo) - nearly twice the total Argylle earned during its first month in theaters.

The best prediction for when Argylle will be available to stream would be sometime between April 26 (84 days after theatrical release) and May 10 (98 days after), those dates matching the timeframes for Killers and Napoleon, respectively.

However, given Argylle's disappointing run at the box office, Universal and Apple may opt to use an even shorter theatrical-to-digital window to put this effort in the rear-view window as fast as possible.

Argylle is now playing in theaters, and it will be available to purchase online on Tuesday, March 5.

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