Argylle Movie Director Confirms What Fans Suspected About the Twist Ending

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Aryglle director Matthew Vaughn confirmed what many fans suspected about the twist ending of the latest film set up for Henry Cavill's character.

In the movie, Cavill plays the fictional Agent Argylle, the lead character in Elle Conway's (played by Bryce Dallas Howard) popular book series. However, one of its many big twists reveals that she was the real super spy all along.

But in the film's proper final scene, while finishing a reading for her latest book, a fan raises his hand to ask a question. But this person is not just any random passerby, it is none other than Cavill with yet another interesting haircut.

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Argylle Director Matthew Vaughn Confirms Ending Details

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In an interview with Collider, Argylle director Matthew Vaughn revealed what Henry Cavill's appearance in the ending scene sets up.

The director affirmed that he "100% know[s] what that [is]," and how "that character... is [the] true Argylle."

Vaughn then went on to explain that in the film's post-credits scene, which shows a young man visiting The King's Man pub (from Vaughn's Kingsman franchise) twenty years before the events of Aryglle, audiences see "the younger version" of Aubrey Argylle "before he became a spy:"

"The younger version, yeah. Aubrey Argylle, if you read the book, is what you see in the post-credits sequence, which is the younger Argylle. That’s Argylle before he became a spy."

When pressed for clarification on whether that is a younger version of the Henry Cavill character that audiences see at Elly Conway's reading, Vaughn noted, "Yes," it is "one of them."

Collider then asked what the Argylle Book One The Movie meant in the film's stinger.

Vaughn confirmed that "if people like the movie," they hope to make a prequel movie "with Louis Partridge:"

"'Argylle Book One The Movie,' coming soon. It means what it says on the tin. If people like the movie, read book one, which is now published. We're making that with Louis Partridge."

When the interviewer pointed out how that was certainly confusing, the director casually rebutted that it is "rather obvious when you see it:"

"Confusing, but rather obvious when you see it. And 'Argylle 2' will be our characters that you hopefully liked in 'Argylle 1,' and with Henry with a mullet."

Was the Setup for Argylle's Future Confusing?

While Matthew Vaughn seems confident that the setup for what comes next is obvious, it is anything but, and it certainly was not teased intuitively.

While some hardcore fans might have known what was being teased, such as those who have also read the published book, scores more no doubt left theaters scratching their head in confusion. 

If the Argylle prequel is relying on whether audiences liked the recent movie, then Vaughn and crew should not get their hopes up. Its current Rotten Tomatoes score sits at a 32% critic approval rating—so, the reception has not been too great.

For those hoping to get any resolution to Argylle or see Henry Cavill back in action as the titular spy, it is probably best to start tempering those expectations.

The fan-favorite actor can next be seen in the upcoming film The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare. He is also helping to spearhead a Warhammer 40K onscreen universe with Amazon Studios.

Argylle is now playing in theaters worldwide.

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