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Argylle, Ariana DeBose, Bryan Cranston, Henry Cavill, John Cena, Sam Rockwell

The cast of Argylle is absolutely stacked, and all of the talented actors have a blast with the characters they are given.

The new film from Universal Pictures and Apple TV+ follows Elly Conway, an author whose fictional book series centered on a super spy named Agent Argylle is all the rage. Little did she realize that the events in her writing are actually depicting real-life events—which seem to be actively still playing out.

Elly suddenly finds herself on the run with Sam Rockwell’s Aidan as a shadowy organization hunts her down for answers.

The Cast and Characters of Argylle 

Bryce Dallas Howard - Elly Conway

Bryce Dallas Howard as Elly Conway in Argylle
Bryce Dallas Howard

Bryce Dallas Howard plays Elly Conway, a writer who puts everything into her written work. Much to her surprise, she quickly discovers that there’s a real agent Argylle out there in the world, outside of her fictional books, and her life is in danger.

While speaking in a press release for the movie, Howard joked that she thought she “[was] this character” when she originally read the script while also calling the role “empowering and satisfying and fun:”

“I thought, ‘I think I can play this character.’ And then I thought, ‘Wait, I think I am this character.’ As a 40- 40-year-old woman, it’s not every day you get a part like this sent your way. It feels like a small miracle, so empowering and, satisfying and fun. It is the best script I have ever read and the best part I have ever gotten to play.”

The actress recently played Claire Dearing in the Jurassic World series and is known for her work behind the camera on The Mandalorian.

Henry Cavill - Argylle

Henry Cavill as Argylle in Argylle
Henry Cavill

Henry Cavill brings to life the fictional version of Agent Argylle, the leading world-class spy in Elly Conway’s books. He’s often with his right-hand man, Wyatt, and is always butting heads with Dua Lipa’s Lagrange.

Talking in a press release, director Matthew Vaughn praised Cavill’s performance while teasing the fun haircut he forced upon the actor:

“Henry’s portrayal is great. I needed someone who could exude the essence of a James Bond-type character but with a twist. Whoever could play James Bond, I thought, ‘I’m going to give him a flattop and a Nehru jacket.’ It is quite challenging to pull off that look, but Henry managed to do it seamlessly. Henry could make a fabulous Bond as well, and that’s why we cast him.”

Many will see Cavill and instantly think about his time as Superman, but he’s partaken in plenty of other projects as well, including Mission: Impossible - Fallout, The Witcher, and Enola Holmes.

Ariana DeBose - Keira

Ariana DeBose as Keira in Argylle
Ariana DeBose

Kiera, played by Ariana DeBose, is a field tech who teams up with agent Argylle and Wyatt on occasion within Elly Conway’s many fictional stories.

In a press release for the movie, DeBose admitted that being part of the film was “one of those pinch-me moments” and that she is “honored to be even a small part of this universe.” 

DeBose recently gave her voice to Disney’s newest princess, Asha, in the film Wish. She will also appear in this year’s Kraven the Hunter from Sony Pictures.

Sam Rockwell - Aidan

Sam Rockwell as Aidan in Argylle
Sam Rockwell

Sam Rockwell plays Aidan, an unsuspecting secret agent who is a little rough around the edges—and also allergic to cats. Aidan is the one who lets Elly Conway in on the fact that she’s the target of a shadowy spy organization. 

Director Matthew Vaughn admitted in a press release that people “wouldn’t immediately peg Sam Rockwell as a spy,” which is why the actor was perfect for the role:

“You wouldn’t immediately peg Sam Rockwell as a spy, and that’s precisely the essence of a spy… In films like ‘Kingsman’ or ‘Bond’, spies are typically impeccably dressed, but in our movie, Sam’s character deliberately goes against that norm. He is the kind of spy who is meant to blend in seamlessly by not standing out. Ian Fleming would never have cast Sam Rockwell as a spy, but John le Carré might have.” 

Rockwell boasts an extensive resume, including recent projects such as What If…?, See How They Run, and The Bad Guys.

Samuel L. Jackson - Alfred Solomon

Samuel L. Jackson as Alfred Solomon in Argylle
Samuel L. Jackson

Alfred Solomon, portrayed by Samuel L. Jackson, is the former deputy director of the CIA who is now living in exile.

Jackson described his character in a press release as “the master behind the screen:”

“Alfred is kind of the master behind the screen… He knows where a lot of the skeletons are buried, so he has access to a lot of information—or he has ways of getting information.” 

While the actor’s portrayal of Nick Fury in the MCU is likely at the front of everyone’s minds, Jackson’s resume extends to dozens of other projects, including Pulp Fiction, The Hateful Eight, and Snakes on a Plane.

Bryan Cranston - Ritter

Bryan Cranston as Ritter in Argylle
Bryan Cranston

Bryan Cranston plays Ritter, the leader of The Division, a nefarious spy organization after Elly Conway for what she seems to know.

While speaking in a press release for the film, Cranston heavily praised the vision director Matthew Vaugh possessed:

“When you are first starting out as an actor, you say ‘yes’ to everything because you need the job … If you are fortunate, you get to a place where you can choose. And, if you do get to that place, you look for projects helmed by people with vision. Matthew [Vaughn] has vision. And it’s comforting when your director has that level of confidence that Matthew [Vaughn] possesses.”

Cranston is known worldwide as Walter White in Breaking Bad; before that, he led the popular sitcom Malcolm in the Middle.

John Cena - Wyatt

John Cena as Wyatt in Argylle
John Cena

Wyatt, played by John Cena, is the best friend of Henry Cavill’s agent Argylle—or at least, the one from Elly Conway’s books.

In a press release for Argylle, Cena seemed extremely confident that the new movie would be satisfying for audiences:

“I don't think audiences are only looking for bigger and brasher… I think they also need purpose, narrative, and characters to invest in, and Argylle has this stuff in spades.”

Cena’s popularity recently skyrocketed due to his parts in The Suicide Squad, Peacemaker, and Fast X.

Richard E. Grant - Fowler

Richard E. Grant
Richard E. Grant

Residing in Elly’s fictional world, Richard E. Grant plays Fowler, a senior member of the spy organization agent Argylle works for.

Loki, Saltburn, and Can You Ever Forgive Me? are just a small handful of projects where audiences can also see the famous actor.

Sofia Boutella - Saba Al-Badr

Sofia Boutella as Saba Al-Badr in Argylle
Sofia Boutella

Sofia Boutella’s Saba Al-Badr, who exists in the real world, is dubbed the “Keeper of Secrets” and lives in what amounts to a fortress.

Boutella recently starred in Zack Snyder's Rebel Moon - Part One: A Child of Fire.

Catherine O’Hara - Ruth

Catherine O’Hara as Ruth in Argylle
Catherine O’Hara

Catherine O’Hara’s Ruth is Elly Conway’s mother, who also happens to be her daughter’s book editor. However, she’s worried about her child’s obsession with the world she’s created.

In a press release for Argylle, O’Hara called Ruth a “very controlling” but “loving mother:”

“Ruth is Elly’s loving mother… She’s also very controlling, rigidly guiding her daughter’s life, prodding her to just stick close to home and work on her spy novels.”

One of O’Hara’s most popular performances in recent years was as Moira Rose in Schitt’s Creek, and she can also be seen in Elemental, Pain Hustlers, and the upcoming Beetlejuice 2.

Dua Lipa - Lagrange

Dua Lipa as Lagrange in Argylle
Dua Lipa

Lagrange, played by Dua Lipa, is the elegant and equally lethal nemesis of Henry Cavill’s fictional super spy agent Aryglle.

Lipa admitted in a press release that she “feel[s] like [Lagrange is] definitely [her] alter-ego:”

“I feel like she’s definitely my alter-ego… I’m going to take her with me after this everywhere I go.” And she was thrilled to be working with Vaughn on such a fresh, innovative take on the spy-thriller genre. “What I love about [director] Matthew [Vaughn] is he’s always out there pushing boundaries… There is this wonderful contrast to the movie. There are incredible stunts and fight scenes, but there is also this disco element that has been intertwined. And I’m a sucker for juxtaposition.” 

Lipa is mostly known for her work in the music industry, but she has also appeared in other movies, including last year’s Barbie.

Jing Lusi - Hong Kong Contact

Jing Lusi in Man vs. Bee
Jing Lusi

Jing Lusi has a brief role as a contact in Hong Kong that Henry Cavill’s fictional agent meets up with.

Lusi can also be seen in Crazy Rich Asians, Heart of Stone, and Gangs of London.

Rob Delaney - Division Agent

Rob Delaney in Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning Part One
Rob Delaney

Delany plays a Division agent working under Bryan Cranston’s big bad.

Some of Delaney’s previous roles include Big Nate, Deadpool 2, and The Great North.

Stanley Morgan - Bakunin

Stanley Morgan’s Bakunin is an important hack in the story who once held on to some extremely vital information.

Morgan has also appeared in I Used to Be Famous and The Sandman.

Alaa Habib - Zoe

Alaa Habib briefly plays Zoe in Argylle.

Argyle is Habib’s biggest onscreen credit to date.

Jason Fuchs - ?

Jason Fuchs in La La Land
Jason Fuchs

On top of briefly appearing in Argylle, Jason Fuchs is also an executive producer and writer for the movie.

Fuchs is also set to have a writing credit for the upcoming horror series Welcome to Derry.

Argylle is now playing in theaters worldwide.

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