The Color Purple 2023 Movie Online Release Date Revealed: When Will It Start Streaming?

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The official online release date for 2023's The Color Purple remake was revealed, giving fans a better idea of when it will begin streaming.

The Color Purple, produced by Steven Spielberg and Oprah Winfrey, was released in theaters on Christmas Day 2023.

During its theatrical run, the musical remake grossed over $58 million in the United States. Following strong critical reactions, it will soon be available to watch online as awards season unfolds.

The Color Purple 2023 Digital Release

Color Purple 2023 movie
Warner Bros.

According to When To Stream, The Color Purple will be available to purchase digitally on Tuesday, January 16.

This equates to an unsurprisingly tight 22-day theatrical-to-digital release window for the 2023 remake.

Previously projected to hit digital stores this week, here's a look at other low-budget Warner Bros. theatrical-to-digital release windows in 2023:

  • House Party: January 13 - January 31 (18 days)
  • Magic Mike's Last Dance: February 10 - February 28 (18 days)
  • Evil Dead Rise: April 21 - May 9 (18 days)
  • The Nun II: September 8 - October 3 (25 days)

Similarly, these films were also given relatively short windows until beginning to stream on Max.

When Will The Color Purple 2023 Begin Streaming?

The Color Purple is set to join Max's streaming library in 2024, with the release date likely shortened due to the film's lack of long-term success at the box office despite a phenomenal opening day.

Knowing that January 16 is its official online release date, this can narrow down when The Color Purple will eventually hit Max at no extra cost.

The streaming window for similar films from theaters to Max has shown variability in 2023, with Magic Mike 3 taking over 100 days to begin streaming after its release:

  • House Party: January 13 - March 3 (49 days)
  • Magic Mike's Last Dance: February 10 - June 2 (112 days)
  • Evil Dead Rise: April 21 - June 23 (63 days)
  • The Nun II: September 8 - October 27 (49 days)

Most of Max's streaming releases happen on Fridays, as the abovementioned films did. This gives The Color Purple three likely streaming release dates in 2024. The quickest option is Tuesday, February 16, followed by February 23 or March 1. 

Fans can expect The Color Purple 2023 to begin streaming on Max in late February or early March.

The Color Purple will be available to watch online on Tuesday, January 16.

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