Where to Watch The Chosen Season 4 - Streaming & Theater Re-Release Details

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Jesus in The Chosen Season 4

As a streaming legal battle is dealt with behind the scenes, The Chosen Season 4 is re-releasing in theaters.

Season 4 of The Chosen, a series following Jesus' ministry, was released in theaters, dropping sets of episodes throughout February that compiled the new season.

On March 10, The Chosen writer and director Dallas Jenkins announced that the Season 4 streaming release was delayed due to "legal matters." This put into question when fans can stream the new season from home, but luckily, there will be a second chance to watch in theaters during the upcoming holiday.

New The Chosen Season 4 Theater Details

Jesus in The Chosen
The Chosen

The Chosen announced Season 4 will be re-released in theaters during Easter Weekend. 

During the marathon event, all eight episodes of The Chosen Season 4 will return to theaters across the United States and Canada over three days.

The schedule is as follows:

  • Episodes 1-3: Wednesday, March 28
  • Episodes 4-6: Thursday, March 29
  • Episodes 7-8: Friday, March 30

To ensure broad accessibility, The Chosen is promoting special discounts like Cinemark theaters offering all three episodes for $30, Marcus Theaters providing them for just $15, and those purchasing through Fandango can get a 50% discount using the code THECHOSENSEASON4.

Here are related links to those three companies offering promotions:

With the streaming release for at-home viewing on hold, an Easter Weekend trip to the theaters will be the best way to watch The Chosen Season 4.

Why is The Chosen Season 4 Streaming Release Delayed?

Unfortunately for fans of the TV series, Chosen Inc. and Angel Studios are tangled in a legal situation, although no active lawsuits are ongoing. 

Initially, Angel Studios sued Brad Pellow, a former executive, who later joined Chosen Inc. This led to a settlement and the release of Season 3. 

However, deeper issues arose, with Chosen Inc. citing contract breaches and expressing intentions to dissolve the agreement. At the time of writing, both parties are in arbitration to resolve the situation, but if unsuccessful, Chosen Inc. may proceed with ending the agreement. 

Pelo's involvement adds complexity, as tensions grew over conflicting interests, leading to his departure from Angel Studios and involvement with Chosen LLC.

The ongoing legal issues between the two companies will hold off the streaming release of The Chosen Season 4, with no clear end in sight.

The Chosen Season 4 will be re-released in theaters during Easter Weekend. 

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