The Baxters Season 4 Prospects Get Promising Update from Lead Actor

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Amazon Prime Video's The Baxters received a promising update from lead star and producer Roma Downey regarding a potential Season 4.

The Baxters recently debuted on Amazon Prime Video on March 27. Instead of only one season of the show being released, however, three full 10-episode installments were added to the streaming platform at the same time.

The series follows a family known as the Baxters as they go through everyday life, and is based on a massive book series from author Karen Kingsbury.

Will There Be a Season 4 of The Baxters?

The Baxters family
The Baxters

In a recent interview with journalist Kate O'Hare (which was shared via O'Hare's YouTube channel), The Baxters lead star and executive producer Roma Downey was asked if fans can expect to see more episodes of the show in the future.

Ultimately, Downey told viewers to "never say never" to the idea of the show being continued, while also joking that she "[has] enough material to" keep on "playing Elizabeth Baxter at 110" years old:

"Well, let's, you know, I would say never say never. She has certainly written enough books. I have enough material to keep going forever if I just get into my Blue Zone diet, I could be playing Elizabeth Baxter at 110... Yeah, yeah, yeah."

The lead star's comments allude that the possibility of The Baxters eventually coming back with Season 4 should not be ruled out, which will undoubtedly be very promising in the eyes of fans.

Downey then stated that she "[loves] what [she] does" and that the series is "great," so it also seems as though she would be happy to come back if Amazon Prime Video were to greenlight Season 4 sometime in the future:

"But it's great. I love what I do. I feel so privileged to be able to combine what I believe with what I do."

When Would Season 4 of The Baxters Be Released?

As previously mentioned, all three seasons of The Baxters came out on Prime Video on March 27. However, they were filmed in 2018 (six years ago), so it has been some time between filming and the show's actual release date.

If The Baxters were to be continued, it almost definitely wouldn't follow the same release strategy of the first three seasons, meaning that Season 4 would probably premiere on its own.

If that were to happen, it likely would not take six years between filming and Season 4's release date, but considering there have been no announcements regarding The Baxters' future, fans would still have to wait quite a while before seeing new episodes of the show again.

All three seasons of The Baxters are available to stream on Amazon Prime Video.

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