The Bachelor 2024 Finale Spoilers: Does Joey Pick Kelsey, Daisy or Rachel?

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The Bachelor Kelsey, Daisy or Rachel

With The Bachelor Season 28 finale swiftly approaching, find out who Joey proposes to during the final episode.

Following Episode 9, the Fantasy Suites week, Joey explored deep connections with Kelsey, Daisy, and Rachel in Tulum, Mexico.

With the season coming to a close, this episode was sectioned off into three parts over two hours, giving audiences a good look at each relationship Joey has formed.

By this time, many fans have their favorite between the three women, but the engagement will have to wait another week as the Women Tell All episode is set for next week's penultimate installment.

For those dying to know who wins, here are the full spoilers for who Joey proposing to during The Bachelor finale.

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The Bachelor: Who Does Joey Pick?

Joey and Kelsey in The Bachelor
The Bachelor

In what appears to be a misdirection, doubts have entered Kelsey's mind after speaking with The Golden Bachelor contestant Leslie during Episode 9.

This leads to her leaving Joey with a vague note and the episode ends without any answers for the audience.

Ironically, according to Reality Steve's updated report, Joey proposes to Kelsey.

This shouldn't come as a massive shock as their relationship has been flourishing with sparks flying during several one-on-one dates, a successful family trip to New Orleans, and palpable chemistry when both are on screen together.

As the rest of the season unfolds, it appears the drama surrounding Kelsey's current uncertainty will ultimately bring the two closer together as Joey gives her the ultimate reassurance.

What is the 'Surprise' Ending?

Since this season's first episode, a never-before-seen surprise ending has been teased, leaving Joey shocked and in tears.

This was once again teased at the end of Episode 9 and will most likely be the main marketing material for the finale on March 25.

However, the big surprise is simply Daisy realizing she's not "the one" and facing the situation head-on.

Daisy, realizing she was not chosen, approaches Kelsey before the final rose ceremony to express support, which is unprecedented as the final two normally don't see or speak with each other during the finale.

Daisy's proactive move leads to a heartfelt conversation with Joey on the final day, leading to a mutual breakup.

It seems there's a chance Daisy becomes the next Bachelorette, driven by her graceful exit and representation of the deaf community, although her departure diverges from the show's usual dramatic finale.

In the end, Joey and Kelsey are reportedly still engaged and The Bachelor finds his true love after being heartbroken by Charity during The Bachelorette Season 20.

The Bachelor's final two episodes will air on March 18 and March 25, respectively at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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