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The new Peacock TV show Ted delivers a cast filled to the brim with plenty of talented actors.

The comedy series follows a younger John Bennett as he goes through high school with Ted, his teddy bear he brought to life with a magic wish when he was eight years old. Now, the newly sentient toy must survive the trials and tribulations of the schooling system and a bit of the real world.

Star Max Burkholder recently spoke exclusively with The Direct, where he revealed that "everybody [on the production] was so down to have fun and play" and how the cast and crew were "very kind and open and accepting."

And while original franchise lead Mark Wahlberg will be absent from this series due to its nature as a prequel, plenty of other talented actors will carry the story in his absence.

The Cast and Characters of Ted

Seth MacFarlane - Ted

Ted in Ted

Audiences will likely be coming into this new series being familiar with Seth MacFarlane’s raunchy and crude stuffed animal.

Ever since being wished alive in 1985, the one-of-a-kind Teddy Bear has been John Bennett’s best friend.

In a press release for the film, executive producer Eric Huggins exclaimed how it was "really exciting" to revisit the character who "doesn’t age" and continually has "new experiences" as he "live[s] forever:"

"It’s really exciting to bring back a global phenomenon in a new way because Ted is evergreen... He doesn't age. He has new experiences, but he gets to live forever. Revisiting that relationship with the fans while introducing the whole family in the 1990s setting is truly exciting. There is something for everybody in the show whether or not you've seen the 'Ted' movies. There's something really magical about what we've put together here.”

Seth MacFarlane has lent his acting talents to projects such as Family Guy, The Orville, and American Dad!, all of which he also created.

MacFarlane also wrote and directed every episode of this new Ted Peacock series.

Max Burkholder - John Bennett

Max Burkholder as John Bennett in Ted
Max Burkholder

While Mark Wahlberg originally played John Bennett in the first two Ted films, Max Burkholder gets a shot at bringing a younger version of the character to life this time.

Audiences will see John navigate high school alongside Ted as they start their journey into becoming professional stoners.

In a press release for the series, executive producer Erica Huggins revealed that "Max blew [them] all away from the first time he walked in that door" and that "he was one of the first people we saw, and Seth knew right away."

Burkholder can be seen in The Purge, Parenthood, and Daddy Day Care.

Alanna Ubach - Susan Bennett

Alanna Ubach as Susan Bennett in Ted
Alanna Ubach

Susan Bennett, played by Alanna Ubach, is John’s mother. She’s shy and soft-spoken and married to the obnoxious Matty Bennett.

Ubach also has roles in projects such as Euphoria, Coco, Bombshell, and more.

Scott Grimes - Matty Bennett

Scott Grimes as Matty Bennett in Ted
Scott Grimes

Scott Grimes’ Matty Bennett is John’s father, who is a little rough around the edges. He’s loud and not very nice, which is, ironically, the exact opposite of his wife.

Grims can also be seen in The Orville, American Dad!, and Oppenheimer.

Giorgia Whigham - Blaire Bennett

Giorgia Whigham as Blaire Bennett in Ted
Giorgia Whigham

Blaire Bennett, played by Giorgia Whigham, is John’s cousin and the person responsible for getting both him and Ted into weed in the first place.

While speaking in a press release for the show, executive producer Eric Huggins shared that "Blaire is the character who is policing everybody’s attitudes:"

"Blaire is the character who is policing everybody's attitudes… She's not afraid to call anyone out on their shortcomings, which is one of the premises of the show because she's the one who makes sure Ted goes to high school to get an education. Giorgia is amazing, and I think she steals the show."

Some might recognize Whigham from her time on The Punisher, but she can also be seen in Legacies, Waco: The Aftermatch, and more.

Jack Seavor McDonald - Clive

Jack Seavor McDonald as Clive in Ted
Jack Seavor McDonald

Jack Seavor McDonald plays Clive, one of the main bullies who bothers John Bennet at school. He gets a particular spotlight in the show’s second episode.

McDonald can be seen in Never Have I Ever, Why Woman Kill, and Young Sheldon.

Julius Sharpe - Mr. George

Mr. George is John’s teacher who is always dealing with heavy problems at home, something he isn’t afraid to let show in the classroom.

Sharpe is mostly known for his writing, which includes projects like Family Guy, United We Fall, Making History, and more.

Francesca Xuereb - Erin

Francesca Xuereb in Room 203
Francesca Xuereb

Francesca Xeureb’a Erin is a mean, snarky, and arrogant classmate of John’s. She always has something to say—that is until Ted can knock her down a few pegs.

Zuereb can also be seen in The Sex Lives of College Girls, Room 203, and Swipe Night.

Jacob Zelonky - Derek (Bully)

Jacob Zelonky as Derek in Ted
Jacob Zelonky

Derek, played by Jacob Zelonky, is one of Mike’s groupies, always following him around.

Zelonky starred in several short films in the past, including Suspended, The Lights Above, From 11 to 1.

Dustin Wayne - Mike (Bully)

Dustin Wayne
Dustin Wayne

Dustin Wayne’s Mike rounds out Mike’s bully crew at the high school alongside Jacob Zelonsky’s Derek.

Wayne also appeared in 2023’s Dumb Money.

Ara Hollyday - Andrew

Ara Hollyday as Andrew in Ted
Ara Hollyday

Andrew is a fellow student at John’s high school. Ara Hollyday’s character is generally one of his allies, often informing him about local happenings.

Hollyday’s only onscreen credit before Ted is Asteroid City.

Liz Richman - Polly

Liz Richman as Polly in Ted
Liz Richman

Liz Richman’s Polly is another friend of John’s who is often seen around Ara Hollyday’s Andrew.

Richman has brief roles in Little America, 9-1-1, and Rusty Camel.

Josh Stamberg - Lucas Damon

Josh Stamberg in WandaVision
Josh Stamberg

Lucas Damon is Blaire’s English Lit Professor and a New York Times Best Selling Novelist. He also may or may not have a thing for her.

Stamberg is known for his parts in The Affair, Parenthood, WandaVision, and more.

Penny-Johnson Herald - Principle

Penny-Johnson Herald plays the principal at John Bennet's school

The actress is well known for her time on hit shows 24, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and The Orville.

Marissa Shankar - Sarah

Sarah, played by Marissa Shankar, is one of Blaire’s good friends.

Shankar doesn’t have many onscreen credits prior to Ted, but some include Athena, Expunged: A Harold Hall, and Nighthawk.

Ted is now streaming on Peacock.

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