Will Ted Season 2 Happen? Lead Actor Shares Update (Exclusive)

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Ted from the Ted series

The star of the new Peacock Ted series shared his thoughts on whether or not a Season 2 of the streaming comedy will happen.

The series does not star Mark Wahlberg, who first introduced Seth MacFarlane's crude living teddy bear to the world in 2012 with the original film. Instead, Max Burkholder portrays John Bennett as a higher schooler and before he becomes the pothead everyone knows.

The project received a lukewarm reception and is currently sitting at a 68% critic approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Will Season 2 of Ted Happen?

In an exclusive interview with The Direct's Russ Milheim, Ted star Max Burkholder shared if he thinks a Season 2 of the show is in the books.

While there is currently no official word regarding a renewal for the series, Burkholder admitted that "[he has not] heard anything either way:"

"I honestly couldn't tell you at this point. I know people are really going to love it. And that gives me some hope for season two, for sure. But I haven't heard anything either way yet. But I would love if the opportunity came around where I could come back to this character with these people it would be perfect."

The entire interview between The Direct and Max Burkholder can be seen below:

In a separate interview with The WrapTed showrunners Brad Walsh and Paul Corrigan also commented on the possibility of more episodes.

Walsh shared how "[they are] certainly open to it" and that "there's a ton more stories to explore:"

"We’re certainly open to it. I think there’s a ton more stories to explore. I mean, we have this teenage, going into early 20s young man that is going through all these experiences and also has his family around him... We’ve told, what, seven stories so far? There’s plenty of room to explore, and we’d love to explore it."

"You can easily see senior year of high school or the beginnings of college," added co-showrunner Paul Corrigan:

"This season is the junior year of high school. You can easily see senior year of high school or the beginnings of college, or what that looks like if it is college or not... I think it’d be great to explore that."

Walsh noted that just getting Season 1 finished was a "lengthy process," and a continuation would end up being entirely up to Seth MacFarlane himself.

What Does Ted Season 2 Look Like?

Ted is built for multiple seasons. The creatives have all the time in the world or at least a decade or so of story time, give or take.

When Mark Wahlberg's original film starts, John Bennet is 35, whereas Max Burkholder's leading character is only 16 in the recent streaming series. As showrunner Paul Corrigan pointed out, more stories could easily follow the end of his high school journey into his college life. 

As for Max Burkholder's willingness to return, the actor sure seems more than up for another go around. He also previously told The Direct that the cast and crew were a "very kind and open and accepting set and group of people."

It seems pretty evident that they, at the very least, didn't have any expectations to continue the show. After all, posters for the project refer to itself as an Event Series, which, is parallel to being a Limited Series.

Ted is now streaming on Peacock.

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