James Gunn Isn't Working on a DC Project About Superman's Dog Krypto (Updated)

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Editor's note: The title of this article has been altered to reflect James Gunn's response to this news.

James Gunn has become a sought-after titan of the comic book film industry. Since he managed to turn the previously unheard-of Guardians of the Galaxy into household names, the director was quickly swept up by DC films to take on a film of his choice during the period in which he was fired from Marvel.

Obviously, that film ended up being The Suicide Squad, with the director additionally working on a Peacemaker series for HBO Max. Gunn is also set to hop back to his home at Marvel Studios to conclude the Guardians of the Galaxy trilogy in 2023, along with a holiday special in late 2022.

However, it seems that this may likely mark the end of the director's time at Marvel Studios for now as Gunn seems poised to take up further projects at DC, potentially including more with Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn.


Update: James Gunn has responded to The Direct's own Tweet, stating that while he "considered Krypto at the same time [he] considered The Suicide Squad," the rumor that he's currently working on a Krypto project "isn't true."

Gunn's full Tweet can be viewed below.

During an Instagram Q&A, James Gunn has shared some teases about his future projects at DC. The director was asked by a fan “Are you working on other projects at DC outside of Peacemaker/The Suicide Squad?” To which he responded “Maybe just a little. One toe dipped in.”

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Following up on this, Murphy's Multiverse reported on the quote by sharing an unverified rumor they have heard regarding Gunn's DC future. The scooper claims Krypto the Superdog is rumored to be at the center of the DC project that Gunn is delving into next.


While a dedicated project for Krypto the Superdog may seem like a weird choice at first, it may be a perfect fit for James Gunn. He has previously seen great success bringing a talking tree and raccoon to life in Guardians of the Galaxy, so the project would likely play to his strengths.

When Gunn jumped ship to DC, he was offered a choice of pretty much any project he wanted, and it's been reported in the past that one of the projects he was at one point interested in was Superman. Logically, it makes sense the GOTG director may want to do something in the Kryptonian family.

It's unclear exactly how Krypto would translate into film, with the character naturally a better fit for family-friendly animation than the darker live-action universe currently ongoing at DC.

Gunn is extremely active on social media, so it's likely that if this rumor is false, he would shut it down quickly in the coming days. But with the hypothetical adventure of Superman's Kryptonian dog likely far down the line, as the director has commitments taking his time till 2023, fans may have to wait a while to hear anything specific here.

The Suicide Squad — James Gunn's next feature film — is set to release in theaters and on HBO Max on August 6, 2021.

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