Henry Cavill’s Superman Receives New Funko Pop Despite Questionable Future

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Henry Cavill Superman DC Funko

Despite appearing having only appeared in three of the most controversial DC films, Henry Cavill's Superman is regarded by many to be among the best portrayals of the character. Having last gotten in front of the camera as the Man of Steel for 2017's Justice League reshoots, fans are eager to see the British actor return to the role, particularly since Cavill looks to be equally keen to do so.

DC currently has two Superman projects in development: a big-screen outing from JJ Abrams and an HBO Max series from Michael B. Jordan starring the Calvin Ellis/Val-Zod iteration. Unfortunately, neither of these ventures look to bring Cavill back into the cape, leaving his superhero future in doubt.

With The Flash set to chart a new course for the DCEU, the speedster epic will reportedly put an end to Cavill's reign as the Man of Steel when it releases in June 2023. However, David Zaslav, the new CEO of the combined companies, appears to be looking to bring Superman back to the forefront, indicating progress with the hero may be coming soon.

Now, new merchandise has brought Cavill's Superman back to the forefront, despite his future in the role being so uncertain. 

Henry Cavill's Superman Gets New Funko

Funko revealed a new Pop! Vinyl figure inspired by Henry Cavill's Superman from Justice League. The announcement comes five years after the British star last got in front of the camera in his DC costume from the 2017 ensemble, with the actor's future in the role still uncertain to this day.

Superman Funko

A limited number of random orders will also receive the glow-in-the-dark Funko Chase Variant which features the Man of Steel's laser red eyes.

Superman Funko

The AAA Anime Exclusive figure measures 3 3/4 inches tall and will release in July 2022.

Superman Funko

Pre-order the new Superman Funko Pop! here.

Will Henry Cavill Ever Return as Superman?

Fans clearly want to see Henry Cavill back as Superman, and the actor himself wants to return to the role just as much. So, what's the hold-up?

There's no telling why the DCEU currently has such a strong aversion to utilizing its most popular hero, but Cavill's busy schedule may be one factor. In the years since he last took to the skies as Superman, Cavill has played starring roles in Mission Impossible: FalloutEnola Holmes, and Netflix's The Witcher, leaving little free time for his DC hero.

It's also worth noting that when Cavill was initially cast in the role, he was a small-time actor with most of his filmography being in small roles on British TV. Given the actor's rise in stardom since tackling the blockbuster franchise, there's a real chance that Warner Bros. has been less eager to offer a higher price tag.

Warner Bros. Discovery and the new management behind it certainly appear keen to form a DC universe with a more clear and more cohesive direction. Whatever actor tackles the role, be it Cavill or not, the DCEU is in desperate need of a Superman, and Sasha Calle's Supergirl alone isn't going to cut it for many.

In terms of where the Man of Steel could next surface, there's every chance of a surprise appearance in The Flash, particularly with recent delays offering time to insert him with reshoots. DC's upcoming slate of films doesn't appear to have any clear opportunities for Superman to appear outside that, so it may still be at last a few more years before he's back.

Meanwhile, The CW continues to deliver its own popular interpretation of the Man of Steel with Superman and Lois, which airs Tuesdays at 9 PM ET/8 PM CT.

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