Super Mario Movie Celebrates Streaming Release With New Teaser Trailers

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Super Mario Movie Bowser Peach

Universal Pictures released new trailers for The Super Mario Bros. Movie to hype up its upcoming streaming release. 

Despite the fact that Super Mario received mixed reviews, the animated movie was a hit at the box office, especially after breaking the record (and dethroning Frozen 2) for the biggest second weekend for an animated film ever. 

As part of its success, Universal Pictures also announced that the movie will be available to stream on August 3 on Peacock. 

Peacock Hypes up Super Mario Movie’s Streaming Premiere

The Super Mario Bros. Movie's official Twitter account released two new trailers to boost the anticipation of the film's streaming premiere. 

The first 10-second trailer featured Mario riding his Kart as he tried to get away from Bowser.

Super Mario

Watch the first trailer below:

The second trailer showcased footage of Mario, Luigi, and Princess Peach.

Super Mario

Watch the second trailer here:

Is There a Sequel to the Super Mario Movie?

The Super Mario Bros. Movie's upcoming streaming release is an important milestone for the film as it will give easy access to fans who still haven't seen it. 

The fun will not stop on Peacock. The hit animated movie is expected to stay on the streamer for four months before transferring to Netflix in December, thus allowing more viewers to rewatch the film. 

All the hype surrounding The Super Mario Bros. Movie led many to wonder if a sequel is on the horizon

The Super Mario Bros. Movie producer and Illumination CEO Chris Meledandri previously said that he "definitely wouldn’t rule anything out" with regard to a sequel. 

Considering the film's box office success and audience response, there's a good chance that Super Mario Bros. Movie 2 will be made. 

The Super Mario Bros. Movie is set to start streaming on Peacock on August 3. 

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