What Is DBS In Supacell? Meaning In Show Explained

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One of Supacell's main characters suffers a major shift in his career after a crucial DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) check that happened in one scene.

The new Netflix series about people with superpowers in London is making waves online due to its interesting narrative. 

The six-episode crime and action series tells the story of five South London natives who have to navigate the ups and downs of their lives after finding out that they have powers.

Supacell’s DBS Scene Explained: Why Did Andre Lost His Job?

Eric Kofi-Abrefa as Andre in Supacell Episode 1
Eric Kofi-Abrefa

Supacell Episode 1 introduced Andre (Eric Kofi-Abrefa), a single dad who is trying his best to make ends meet in order to provide for his son. 

Andre is first seen working in a call center and he appears to be doing great. However, his boss tells him that they need to let him go after the new owner requests a DBS check which he ultimately fails since he is an ex-convict. 

In the United Kingdom, a DBS (otherwise known as Disclosure and Barring Service) is a process that helps employers learn more about their future and current employees by doing a deep dive into DBS checks for England, Wales, the Chanel Islands, and the Isle of Man.

The disclosure teams are responsible for reviewing DBS checks (formerly known as CRB or criminal record checks) and those who are free from crime and have a clean record will be issued a DBS certificate which they can use for employment purposes.

There are four types of DBS checks, namely Basic, Standard, Enhanced, and Enhanced with Barred Lists.

While the series did not reveal what kind of DBS check Andre's employers used, signs point to a Basic DBS check since it is easily accessible online as long as the company is registered under the umbrella of a Responsible Organization.

A Basic DBS check features a certificate that has details of the convictions of a person. 

Given that Andre spent time in jail combined with the fact that he did not tell his boss about it, this did not sit well with the new owner of the call center, leading to his eventual firing. 

Losing his job means that Andre won't be able to see his son, TJ, because he needs the money to provide for him. 

Supacell later revealed that Andre has super strength, a power he used for the wrong reasons due to extreme desperation to become a super dad to his son.

All episodes of Supacell are streaming on Netflix.

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