Suits' New 2024 Season Gets Exciting Update: When Will LA Spin-off Release?

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Sarah Rafferty as Donna Roberta Paulsen and Gabriel Macht as Harvey Reginald Specter in Suits

The new Suits L.A. spin-off series received an exciting release update, leading to questions about when it could premiere on NBC.

Suits creator Aaron Korsh will return to the legal realm with a new spin-off series, leaving behind the world of corporate law in New York in favor of an entertainment law firm (Black Lane Law) in Los Angeles.

The series has already filmed its pilot episode starring Stephen Amell (Arrow), 
Josh McDermitt (The Walking Dead), Lex Scott Davis, Troy Winbush, Bryan Greenberg, Alice Lee, and more.

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Suits L.A. Receives Promising Pilot Update

Suits, Gabriel Macht, Harvey Specter

A new report from Deadline offered details about Suits L.A., the new legal spin-off from NBC and original series creator Aaron Korsh.

The outlet stated the pilot for Suits L.A. is "finished and [has] been undergoing testing," with NBCUniversal yet to receive the final cut to decide on a potential series order. The pilot has reportedly been "well received" internally and is "considered likely" for a series pick-up.

It clarified that a decision on Suits L.A. will likely come in July, with options on the cast contracts lasting until the end of the year. Deadline stated that one option for Suits L.A. could see the series picked up and held until the next midseason.

Beyond this update proving promising for the future of Suits L.A., many will be excited to hear it reportedly captured the "signature wit" of the original show, meaning it will likely hold onto the same beloved tone as its predecessor. 

When Will Suits L.A. Premiere on NBC?

A recent article from NBC noted Suits L.A. had been picked up for a pilot with no decision yet made on a series order. The report added how the spin-off could premiere later in the 2024-25 season (September 2024 to August 2025) or roll into the 2025-26 season (September 2025 to August 2026).

Suits, which ran from 2011 to 2019, premiered annually over the summer in June or July. With that pattern in mind, the most likely release date for Suits L.A.'s first episode would be in early Summer 2025 or possibly closer to September if it were to roll into the 2025-26 season.

All estimates on Suits L.A.'s release date rely on the legal spin-off receiving a series order. As of writing, the show has only been picked up for a pilot episode, which has now been filmed and is awaiting reactions from executives. But reports of positive internal buzz make a series order seem likely.

Suits famously found a new lease of life in 2023 with its streaming arrival on both Netflix and Peacock. As such, NBCUniversal may opt to push the streaming side of its release alongside the network airing, bringing new episodes simultaneously to NBC and Peacock during its season.

Suits is streaming on Peacock and Netflix.

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