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Still Up cast members, Craig Roberts, Antonia Thomas

Apple TV+'s Still Up is a new romantic comedy series that highlights an interesting cast. 

The new British series is about two insomniacs who bond over the phone during late nights. While the whole world is getting their beauty sleep, Danny and Lisa explore each other's personalities to see if they are a match despite never meeting up. 

Still Up premiered on Apple TV+ on Friday, September 22. 

Every Main Actor & Character in Still Up 

Antonia Thomas - Lisa

Antonia Thomas as Lisa in Still Up
Antonia Thomas

Lisa is an insomniac who talks to her best friend, Danny, every night about literally everything, except for her secret romantic feelings for him. The character is played by Antonia Thomas. 

As a supportive friend, Lisa urges Danny to sign up for a dating website. Little did her best friend know, the site matched them both due to their 91% compatibility, leading to a potential romance down the line. 

She also works as a bartender in a local bar. 

Thomas is a remarkable actress whose credits include Suspect, The Good Doctor, and Northern Soul.

Craig Roberts - Danny

Craig Roberts as Danny in Still Up
Craig Roberts

Similar to Lisa, Craig Roberts' Danny is also an insomniac who shares his secrets, fears, and desires with Lisa since he can't sleep every night. 

Working as a journalist, Danny is pretty much an expert in his job, but this doesn't translate to his personal life. While being unlucky with love, Danny was ultimately able to find someone on the dating website thanks to his best friend, Lisa. 

Previously appearing in The Return of the Yuletide Kid, Roberts is also known for his roles in Bittersweet Symphony, The Fundamentals of Caring, and Red Oaks.

Blake Harrison - Veggie

Blake Harrison as Veggie in Still Up
Blake Harrison

Blake Harrison's Veggie is Lisa's boyfriend who acts as a stepdad to her daughter, Poppy. 

Lisa's happy-go-lucky partner always does his best to become the best boyfriend and father to Lisa and Poppy, respectively. Little did he know, though, that Lisa currently has feelings for Danny. 

Harrison is best known for his roles in The Inbetweeners, Kate & Koji, The Kindred, Agatha and the Truth of Murder, and Madness in the Method.

Rich Fulcher - Cat Man

Rich Fulcher
Rich Fulcher

Playing Danny's neighbor who loves cats, Rich Fulcher's character is referred to as "Cat Man."

In the show's debut episode, Cat Man personally invited Danny for his pet's 17th birthday, but he refused to come since he is a low-key introvert. 

The 54-year-old comedian is a veteran in the British film and TV show landscape. Fulcher previously appeared as Bob Fossil in The Mighty Boosh and as a guest in Noel Fielding's Luxury Comedy.

Lois Chimimba - Amy

Lois Chimimba as Amy in Still Up
Lois Chimimba

After Lisa helps Danny set up his dating profile, the introverted journalist eventually finds a match, and the lucky girl is Lois Chimimba's Amy. 

Amy is a personal trainer who is also trying to find love in the complicated world of dating websites. 

Chimimba is known for her roles in Netflix's Trust Me and Sex Education, and for portraying Hannah in The One

Luke Fetherston - Adam

Luke Fetherston
Luke Fetherston

Playing one of Danny's neighbors in his flat is Luke Fetherston as Adam. 

The character is described as someone who loves to chat with his neighbors, which usually annoys Danny and Cat Man. 

Initially starting as a theatre actor, Fetherston eventually started in the realm of TV and film in 2018, with him being featured in projects like Flowers in The Attic: The Origin, Almost Never, and Pandora

Alice Bailey Johnson - Kate

Alice Bailey Johnson
Alice Bailey Johnson

In Still Up Episode 1, Lisa was trying to hide from Alice Bailey Johnson's Kate inside the pharmacy due to the fact that Poppy spread her chickenpox to Kate's son, Zach. 

The actress has an impressive list of credits, which includes Black Mirror, The Little Stranger, and Mr. Turner.

Bronte Smith - Poppy

Poppy is Lisa's lovable and supportive daughter, and she is portrayed on-screen by Bronte Smith. 

Perhaps best known for her role as a young Nynaeve in Wheel of Time, Smith's credits also include two short films titled Ascension and Transaction.

Samantha Spiro - Veggie's mother

Samantha Spiro
Samantha Spiro

Playing Veggie's mother in Still Up is Samantha Spiro. 

Spiro recently appeared as Maureen Groff in Netflix's Sex Education. The renowned British actress is also known for her roles in Me Before You, One Life, Hoard, and Inside No. 9

Linda Hargreaves - Aunt Em

Linda Hargreaves
Linda Hargreaves

Still Up's second episode featured the funeral of Lisa's aunt, Em, and she is played by Linda Hargreaves. 

It was revealed that Em is Lisa's number-one supporter and protector. During a flashback scene from Lisa's middle school days, Aunt Em managed to help her regain her canvas shoes from school bullies. 

Hargreaves made her TV debut in BBC's Doctors as Constance Buchanan. The actress also appeared in Containment and Call the Midwife.

Albert Magashi - Tyler

Albert Magashi
Albert Magashi

Tyler is the lead prankster/troublemaker who tormented Lisa while inside the bus in one of the key sequences from Still Up Episode 2. He is played by Albert Magashi

The character was able to steal Aunt Em's dress from her, with Tyler ultimately wearing it to mock Lisa. 

Known for his roles in Sherlock and Firecracker, Magashi is also a talented theatre actor who previously appeared in Dear England.

Still Up is now streaming on Apple TV+.

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