Star Wars: Visions Disney+ Show: Sneak Peek Announced

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Star Wars: Visions Disney Plus show

On Disney's Investor Day in December 2020, Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy announced that a multitude of new films and series were in the works for the upcoming years in the world of Star Wars.

With a lineup of projects that included Ahsoka and Obi-Wan Kenobi, fans of a galaxy far, far away were immediately sold on the idea that the next few years would be packed with incredible Star Wars content.

Along with titles that would feature fan-favorite characters, other projects were announced that flew under the radar such as the franchise's first anime series, Star Wars: Visions.

Visions is an anthology series that will feature 10 standalone stories in the Star Wars universe and will be created by some of the best Japanese anime developers. Information on what these short films will be about is still unknown, but with a release date of 2021, fans have been expecting to get their first glimpse of the series at any time, and their patience has paid off.

In a recent official report from Star Wars, it was finally confirmed when the first look at Visions would take place.


Star Wars Visions
Star Wars

Star Wars revealed that Lucasfilm will be releasing a sneak peek at the upcoming Disney+ series, Star Wars: Visions, at its panel during Anime Expo Lite.

The panel will be on July 3, 2021 at 3 pm PST and will last 30 minutes, giving a preview of the new anime series.

It was also revealed that Lucasfilm executive producers Jacqui Lopez, James Waugh, and Josh Rimes, Qubic Pictures’ and co-executive producer Justin Leach, and producer Kanako Shirasaki would be present at the panel.


Animation has been an extremely prominent component of the Star Wars universe. The Clone Wars and Rebels have become staples in the saga since their release and have provided many fan-favorite characters for people who love the franchise.

Even though animation has been very successful for Lucasfilm and now Disney, they have never delved into the world of anime. While anime is still a form of animation, it is vastly different, but fans can expect a high level of storytelling to still be present in the series.

Lucasfilm will more than likely release the first teaser trailer for the series at the Visions panel at Anime Expo Lite. This will give fans their first look at what Star Wars will look like in the world of anime, and they can expect their excitement to be at an all-time high for the series.

With the panel lasting for 30 minutes along with the show's producers being present, it is also likely that after the teaser is released, those attending will be allowed to ask questions, giving more insight into what to expect when the series releases later this year.

Star Wars: Visions will be released on Disney+ sometime during 2021.

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