Rosario Dawson's Ahsoka Series Rumored To Bring Back Key Jedi From Star Wars: The Clone Wars

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As the galaxy far, far away continues to expand with new films and series from across the timeline, it's clear Lucasfilm's focus remains on the post-Return of the Jedi era of The Mandalorian. Following the viral success of the bounty hunter's hit first season, it wasn't surprising to see its follow-up outing set the course for multiple spin-off projects including The Book of Boba FettRangers of the New Republic, and Ahsoka

Aside from a few small hints to potential characters and storylines that may surface in the near future, the long-term direction of the MandoVerse remains unclear. Lucasfilm has made clear its intention for all four shows in the era to crossover into a blockbuster-scale event down the line.

While the story will next be explored in the criminal underworld of this December's The Book of Boba Fett, many fans of Star Wars animation are looking further into the future to the solo outing of Anakin Skywalker's former padawan, Ahsoka Tano. 

Based on the Jedi's live-action debut in the second season of The Mandalorian, it seems the Rosario Dawson-starring Ahsoka's Disney+ series will continue the mission she started Star Wars: Rebels finale, to find Ezra Bridger and Grand Admiral Thrawn. 

Most of Ahsoka's screen time so far has taken place in the pre-Original Trilogy era, meaning most of her friends and enemies have died by this point in the Star Wars timeline. This unfortunate fact leaves a tragic lack of obvious side characters to join the Jedi in her own series, except for Ezra and Thrawn who have yet to be cast.

While most of the Jedi perished at the hand of the Clones during Order 66, there are some notable survivors in Star Wars canon and some who have yet to have their fate revealed, one of whom may be set to return in Ahsoka.


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According to a report from The Illuminerdi, Barriss Offee, a former Jedi who appeared in The Clone Wars and Attack of the Clones, is set to return in the Rosario Dawson-led Ahsoka Disney+ series. The series is reportedly looking to cast an Asian actress in her 20s to 30s for the lead role, implying Offee could be a major player in Ahsoka's story.


While the Jedi master made her debut in 2003's Attack of the Clones played by Nalini Krishan, the character was popularized after appearing in many key arcs of The Clone Wars animated series, in which she was often paired alongside Ahsoka.

After training under Master Luminara Unduli, Offee went on to obtain the rank of Jedi Knight before going on to turn to the Dark Side towards the end of The Clone Wars. Over the years, Barriss had grown frustrated with the conflict and destruction caused by the fight against the Separatists, believing the Jedi had lost sight of their original purpose.

In the fifth season of The Clone Wars, the former carried out a bombing on the Jedi temple and framed Ahsoka for the attack. Even though her innocence was eventually proven, this led to Ahsoka's definitive departure from the Jedi order while Offee was arrested for treason. 

While some Legends stories reveal Barriss to have died during Order 66, her fate during the Clones attack remains unclear within Star Wars canon, leaving the door open nicely for her to return in Ahsoka.


The former Jedi Padawan duo is believed to be around the same age, however, Rosario Dawson, who plays Ahsoka, is 42-years-old, meaning this actress would be substantially younger than the series lead. It's possible this age difference could reveal plans for the Disney+ series to feature flashbacks to the Prequel Trilogy era. 

Given how things ended between Ahsoka and Barriss during The Clone Wars, it can be presumed she would be playing a villainous role in the series. While Grand Admiral Thrawn is likely to serve as the big bad of the piece, having a lightsaber-wielding antagonist for Ahsoka to go up against would be a logical move for a Jedi-centric series.

Ahsoka is set to premiere on Disney+ in 2022.

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