Star Wars: The Acolyte Cancellation Speculation Explained

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Rumors are swirling about The Acolyte potentially being canceled. 

The upcoming Star Wars series from showrunner Leslye Headland was announced in December 2020, teasing the first Disney+ project outside the traditional Skywalker Saga timeline. 

It has been a long time since then, but the series should be ready for primetime in weeks with a release date of June 4. 

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The Acolyte Cancelation Rumors 

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Fans are worried as word of a potential cancelation for The Acolyte sprung up online. 

This traces back to over a year ago when YouTuber Overlord DVD posted a video saying the Star Wars series had been canceled before release and showrunner Leslye Headland was fired from Lucasfilm

Overlord's video was followed up by posts from That Park Place positing the show would eventually be released but would only get one season. 

While claims of a single-season run for the show remain questioned, the cancelation rumors are definitively false. 

Several trailers for the show have already made their way out to the public, and a release date of Tuesday, June 4 has been set.

Nothing has been confirmed on the front of future seasons of the High Republic drama, but according to reporting from November 2023, Disney is lining up "for multiple seasons:"

"Lucasfilm had assured [Karyn McCarthy] that the story arc of the show, as well as the company’s business plans, called for 'The Acolyte' to run for multiple seasons." Lucasfilm offered no comment on the original story."

Disney has not outright confirmed Season 2 of The Acolyte is real, but there is ample evidence for a sophomore run. 

Why Did The Acolyte Cancelation Rumors Start?

While The Acolyte has been confirmed to be coming in just a matter of weeks as of writing (thus debunking rumors of its cancelation), some may be wondering why word of the series getting canceled started spreading. 

These cancelation rumors likely involve the people behind the series and what the upcoming show is set to tackle in its eight-episode first season. 

Many believe the rumors were started by bad 'anti-woke' actors looking to vent their frustration online. 

Some particularly closed-minded audience members have taken issue with Leslye Headland being in charge of the Star Wars streaming show as she is both a woman and a member of the queer community. 

Headland's involvement, paired with rumors of an LBGTQIA+ character being present in the series and the diversity of The Acolyte cast as a whole, has made the show a target by right-wing internet commentators who will do anything to discredit the show before they even see it. 

This seems to be the modus operandi for these kinds of hate groups who seek out media featuring or created by someone from a marginalized community and spread false information about it to push their intolerant agenda. 

No, The Acolyte is not canceled. Whether the series gets a Season 2 remains to be seen, but Season 1 is coming. Hopefully, these people can judge the show based on its quality rather than who is and is not behind it. 

The Acolyte starts streaming on Tuesday, June 4. 

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