Disney+'s Star Wars: The Acolyte Gets Promising Season 2 Update (Report)

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Star Wars The Acolyte

Disney+'s The Acolyte Season 2 just received some promising news.

After putting much of its Disney+ focus into the MandoVerse and the Skywalker Saga timeline, Lucasfilm will deliver The Acolyte, a show set in the High Republic that will introduce a record-breaking amount of new Jedi comprised of a stellar cast.

The pre-Phantom Menace show will explore "shadowy secrets and emerging dark side powers" as a former Padawan (Amandla Stenberg) reunites with her old Jedi Master (Lee Jung-jae) to investigate a series of crimes.

Disney+'s The Acolyte Might Return for Season 2

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According to a new report from Star Wars News Net revealing the writers behind all eight episodes of the Disney+ series, The Acolyte has been "planned" for a second season, but it's unclear whether it has yet entered development.

The report aligns with details shared - via Screen Rant - in producer Karyn McCarthy’s lawsuit against Disney over her firing from The Acolyte. The suit noted Lucasfilm assured her "the story arc of the show, as well as the company’s business plans, called for The Acolyte to run for multiple seasons.”

The Acolyte Season 1 wrapped production in June 2023 ahead of the SAG-AFTRA strike after filming in the U.K. since October 2022. The show remains on track for a 2024 premiere with the chances of a Season 2 renewal for The Acolyte likely hinging on the reviews and viewership over the Disney+ series.

The Acolyte Season 2 Update Hints at Future Plans

It's currently unclear whether The Acolyte will take an episodic storytelling approach or serve as one story broken into chapters. The latter certainly appears more likely due to its murder mystery focus, with the show's unique High Republic setting expected to keep it reasonably separate from other Star Wars projects.

As such, plans for future seasons could imply the answers to the dark side mystery may not come in the upcoming first season, with the series potentially even ending on a cliffhanger with plenty still to be explained in Season 2.

Star Wars is expected to debut four Disney+ series in 2024: Skeleton Crew, The Acolyte, The Bad Batch Season 3, and Andor Season 2. After that, future years are expected to include The Mandalorian Season 4 and Ahsoka Season 2.

Regardless of whether The Acolyte Season 2 should come to fruition, it is unlikely to actually be released anytime before 2026. This is dependent on Lucasfilm beginning development or if it is waiting for reactions to the first season.

One can only wonder what this may mean for the future of Star Wars' High Republic, but it certainly points toward Lucasfilm's commitment to exploring this era going forward in even more projects.

The Acolyte will premiere on Disney+ in 2024.

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