Star Wars' Sequel Trilogy Receives Official New Gorgeous Poster Collection

By Savannah Sanders Posted:
Star Wars sequel trilogy posters

More than three years after The Rise of Skywalker's theatrical release, a new set of Star Wars sequel trilogy posters has been released. 

Even though public opinion of Disney and Lucasfilm's Star Wars sequel trilogy has yet to improve with time, the films remain integral to the larger Star Wars Universe and continue to inspire collectibles, action figures, and artists.

While it's true that Star Wars 2023 slate is primarily focused on the time period of The Mandalorian, a new batch of art confirms that the third chapter of the Skywalker Saga hasn't been forgotten.

New Official Star Wars Sequel Trilogy Posters Revealed

A new set of posters representing each film from the Star Wars sequel trilogy has been unveiled.

Created by artist Devin Schloeffler, this poster set has been officially licensed by Lucasfilm, as seen in the bottom left corner of each print. 

Schloeffler previously released posters with this same design for Star Wars prequel and original trilogies.

Each poster features a collage of characters and key sequences in conjunction with a central dominant symbol or icon from that particular film.

For instance, in The Force Awakens print which is titled "The Seventh," BB-8 is front and center with Rey, Finn, and Kylo Ren filling out the remainder of the droid's silhouette. 

Force Awakens Star Wars poster

While each poster in the collection follows the same design, the color scheme varies.

For instance, The Force Awakens poster utilized a warm orange hue while The Last Jedi's print - titled "The Eighth" - featured teal blue accents.


The Last Jedi Star Wars poster

According to the description of the poster set, each print has its own single dominant color chosen to complement the tone of each film. 

This is probably why The Rise of Skywalker's (aka "The Ninth") color is red to represent the energy and climactic nature of the final film, as well as the presence of Emperor Palpatine and the dark side.

Rise of Skywalker Star Wars poster

Schoeffler’s set of Star Wars prints will be available as timed editions beginning on Thursday, January 5, at 12 PM ET and through Sunday, January 8, at 11:59 PM ET.

The Star Wars Posters More Cohesive Than The Trilogy?

Lucasfilm licensing posters for films that are years, and often even decades, old is nothing new. 

However, this particular collection is worth paying attention to and is sure to generate fan interest. 

Devin Schoeffler managed to perfectly encapsulate each film and highlight many of its characters while still keeping to a sleek, clean design. 

Something else worth noting is how cohesive the entire collection is, which, ironically, is one of the main fan complaints with the sequel trilogy as a whole. 

It will be interesting to see the fan reaction to these prints and whether, years from now, Schoeffler will be commissioned to create "The Tenth."

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