Star Wars Unveils Huge Wave of New Hasbro Figures, Including White Darth Vader

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Darth Vader’s helmet, Lando Calrissian, Darth Vader and Leia Organa action figures.

Hasbro's six-inch-scale Star Wars line, The Black Series, continues to be ever-popular with fans and die-hard collectors alike. The line is on its ninth year of production and shows no signs of slowing down, especially with the myriad of upcoming live-action and animated Star Wars content coming this way to base figures upon. It's actually been a good while since Hasbro has shown off a full wave of Black Series figures with the previous mainline wave being unveiled back in October 2021.

Also popular with fans is the smaller-sized Vintage Collection, which emulates the iconic packaging design from Star Wars figures of yesteryear. Figures from The Vintage Collection clock in at about three-and-three-quarters inches, give or take, which longtime fans will know was the scale in which the very first Star Wars figures were released back in 1977. But although the scale and packaging are meant as homages to the old ways, the figures themselves feature brand-new sculpting and updated poseability.

During a recent "Fan First Wednesday" livestream on their social media channels, Hasbro was able to reveal a slew of new figures in both the Vintage Collection and Black Series scales. Check them out below!

A Cavalcade of New Star Wars Collectibles

Princess Leia Black Series figure.

First up in the freshly-revealed Black Series offerings is Princess Leia Organa as she appeared in her self-titled solo comic book run in 2015. The figure is wearing a beige shawl to mimic her look in the comic and comes packed with a blaster pistol. Pre-order here.

Sergeant Kreel Black Series figure

Next up from the Black Series and also a comic-inspired figure is Sergeant Kreel, leader of the fearsome SCAR Squadron. The elite Stormtrooper is armed with a lightsaber and a blaster rifle. Pre-order here.

Darth Vader Infinities Black Series figure

Moving along, there's a third figure inspired by the pages of Star Wars comic books. From Star Wars Infinities comes an alternate timeline Darth Vader who survived the events of Return of the Jedi and donned all-white armor to reflect his new Light Side alignment. Pre-order here.

Saw Gerrera Black Series figure

The final Black Series item Hasbro debuted is Saw Gerrera, as he appeared in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Featuring a likeness to actor Forest Whitaker and authentic, screen-accurate detailing. Saw looks about ready to subject someone to Bor Gullet. Pre-order here.

Figrin D’an Vintage Collection figure

Switching gears to The Vintage Collection, the leader of the Modal Nodes takes the stage. This figure of cantina musician, F'grin D'an includes his instrument of choice, the Kloo horn. Pre-order here.

Jesse Vintage Collection figure

Continuing on, hailing from the Clone Wars animated series, it's ARC Trooper Jesse, decked out in his signature white and blue armor, ready to take on the Separatists.  Pre-order here.

Lando Calrissian Vintage Collection figure

Next, Hasbro delivers a very colorful Lando look from Star Wars: Battlefront II, complete with a PhotoReal likeness to fan-favorite Donald Glover. Pre-order here.

Shae Vizla Vintage Collection figure

From the popular MMO game The Old Republic, it's Shae Vislza, the Mandalore of that era of Galactic History. Featuring Mandalorian armor and a removable helmet, this figure will look great on the shelves of collectors who have been longing for more Old Republic merchandise. Pre-order here.

Deathwatch Airborne Trooper Vintage Collection figure

Based on the sect of Mandalorian culture, and more specifically, the trooper who saved the life of a young Din Djarin in flashbacks from The Mandalorian, it's the Deathwatch Airborne trooper, along with dual blaster pistols and a jetpack. Pre-order here.

Mandalorian Super Commando Captain Vintage Collection figure

And lastly, for The Vintage Collection, it's a Mandalorian Super Commando Captain complete with a horned helmet to reflect his allegiance to the villainous Darth Maul. Pre-order here.

Add the Growing Star Wars Galaxy to Your Collection

These Black Series and Vintage Collection figures pull from a large swath of Star Wars media, from The Clone Wars to various video games, so there's surely a little something for everyone.

It's important to note that while the official word from Hasbro is that some of these figures won't be ready to ship until 2023, this is merely an insurance measure in case things are held up somewhere along the supply chain. Fans can likely expect the figures much sooner.

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