Star Wars: New Revan Funko Pop and Others Revealed

By Andrew Gilman Posted:
Revan Funko

When George Lucas was negotiating a deal with 20th Century Fox for the original Star Wars film, he ensured that he would retain the merchandising rights to his developing franchise. That move proved to be a stroke of genius by Lucas, as the Star Wars toys alone have brought in billions of dollars through various licensing deals with other companies.

The toy collecting community is massive, and one of the biggest hits as of late has been the Funko Pop! line of vinyl bobbleheads. Made popular due to their The Force Awakens line, Funko Star Wars collectibles have accompanied all of the recent major film and television projects, and the line is still growing. There has been a very limited selection of Pops! inspired by Star Wars video games, but a new announcement has revealed that a few very popular Star Wars characters will soon be joining the Funko lineup...


As part of their video game-inspired line of announcements, Funko has revealed four new Star Wars Games Pops! set to be released as GameStop exclusives: Shadow Trooper, hooded Yoda, Revan, and Darth Malak. The figures can be seen in Funko's tweet below:


Fans of the Knights of the Old Republic series will be thrilled to add both Revan and Darth Malak to their Pop! collection, two Legends characters that are still as popular as many of their new Canon counterparts. The Shadow Trooper has a really neat design, particularly the blue undertones, and will certainly keep fans of The Forced Unleashed happy. The hooded Yoda appearance in Battlefront II is really a cheap skin-turned-community meme, so gamers will surely add this little green friend to their collection, if for nothing more than a good laugh.

Before this announcement, Jedi: Fallen Order 's Cal Kestis, the Second Sister, and an exclusive Purge Trooper were the only Star Wars video game-inspired Pops! that were available. If this latest announcement is anything to go by, it seems that fans may see many other potential video game characters from the Star Wars universe made into Funko Pop! figures, both from Legends, and the existing Canon material.

Fans are already asking for a Bastila Shan Pop! to accompany the other KOTOR figures, and Starkiller likely isn't far behind the Shadow Trooper. Iden Versio and the Inferno Squad from the Battlefront II campaign are also good candidates for future Pop! designs and there's always the chance that the Fallen Order line could see a continuation. There are a great many options for Funko to choose from, as the money-printing machine that is the Star Wars video game line has gone largely untouched.

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